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Filter Coffee Beans

Coffee that we know is perfect for filters or cafetieres, from a variety of the best farms and plantations from all over the world.

Frequently asked questions

What is filter coffee?
Filter (or drip) coffee is made using hot water (just off the boil, around 92 degrees is best) and by letting the water filter through coffee granules. An electric filter brewer or a French press are both ways of making filter coffee. The French Press method, however, uses a different method as the coffee is completely immersed in the water whereas the electric filter method drips through a paper filter of plastic mesh.
What is the best way to brew filter coffee and do I need a filter coffee machine?
This depends on how you like your coffee and also the type of coffee you are using. Generally, however, a filter coffee machine will deliver a much ‘cleaner’ taste than other coffee-making methods. This is because the mesh the water goes through is really fine whereas the mesh in a French Press jug would be bigger. If you like your coffee with a weaker and cleaner taste an electric filter coffee machine might be best for you. If you prefer it a little stronger, go for the French Press.
What water temperature is best for brewing filter coffee?
92 degrees is the optimum temperature for coffee, regardless of the method you are using. If you don’t have a thermometer and if you are using the French Press method, boil your kettle and leave it for a minute or two before using. An electric filter coffee machine will automatically be programmed to filter the water through at the optimal temperature.
What grind size is best for filter coffee?
For an electric coffee filter machine, you should go for a fine grind. For the French Press method, you should go for a coarser grind (similar to the texture of granulated sugar).