Home Roasters Green Coffee Selection Pack

A selection of our most versatile green coffee range, bundled together, perfect for the home roasters amongst you. This selection is great for filter or espresso or why not blend to make your coffee just the way you enjoy it.  See our blending suggestions below.

For individual farm information, enhanced tasting notes and brew recipes visit each coffee within the single origin section.

1 x 500g of Brazil Santos
1 x 500g of Colombian Suarez 
1 x 500g of Sumatra Mandheling
1 x 500g of Ethiopia Harrar

Here are some suggested espresso blends but change to your taste, or drink as single origin filter or espresso.

50 / 50 or 60 / 40  - Brazil & Colombian

60 / 40 - Colombian & Sumatran

45 / 35 / 20 Brazil, Colombian & Harrar


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