Coffee Processing

The Coffee in your cup has been through a lot of stages and travelled far and wide before it reaches your cup.  It's not just about picking the cherry, cleaning it and sending it to your local roaster.  A lot of love, care and attention go into each stage of the process and we hope that's evident in your cup of RAVE coffee right now.  You are having a cup right now, aren't you?  Good, I thought so.  

Sit back, relax and read on about some of the various ways coffee can be processed and how it might affect the taste in your cup.

There are three main categories by which the coffee cherry is lovingly processed into the green bean we roasters know and love.  Each has many variations which can vary from country to country and even farm to farm, and each imparts its own unique flavours.

 Washed                     Natural                    Pulped Natural/Honey


WASHED                                       NATURAL                             PULPED NATURAL/HONEY


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