Cold Brew Ground Coffee Nº. 9 Cold Brew Ground Coffee Nº. 9

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Cold Brew Ground Coffee Nº. 9

Tastes Like: Nuts, Chocolate


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Hario Cold Brew Gift Set

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Kenya Sasini AB Nº 250 (Cold Brew) Kenya Sasini AB Nº 250 (Cold Brew)
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Kenya Sasini AB Nº 250 (Cold Brew)

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What is cold brew coffee?

First of all, let’s dispel a myth. Cold Brew Coffee isn’t simply iced coffee i.e an espresso served over ice. It’s coffee that is brewed cold. Brewing the coffee involves steeping it in water for up to 24 hours. The result? A delicious coffee essence that can be served chilled. Cold-brew coffees have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years with high street chains starting to brew and serve coffee in this way. Brewing cold brings out flavours in conventional coffee and there are also beans particularly suited to cold brewing.

What about milk and dairy alternatives in cold brew coffee?

You can, of course, add milk in the usual way to cold brew coffee. You could, for instance, use milk instead of water as your concentrate. Milk alternatives depending on the type can be watery (in our opinion, pea milk is the closest you will get to the stuff from cows), but here’s a little hack. Freeze some ice-cubes with your milk alternative (sweetened almond works well if you like it a little on the sweeter side) and add it to your cold brew but with less water.

What’s the best ground coffee for cold brew?

You need a coffee that is ground very coarse, not like normal ground coffee. Try Rave’s Cold Brew Coffee, we specifically grind it extremely coarse for longer steep times.

Try Rave’s Cold Brew Ground Coffee What’s the best purpose-built cold brew coffee maker?

We like the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot, It has a handy filter and perfect for storage in the fridge door.

Do you have any recommendations for cold brew coffee recipes?

Yes, you can find them in this blog post here