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Fresh off the boat and into the roaster, check out some of our latest Beans in the roastery.

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Guatemala Buena Esperanza
Guatemala Buena Esperanza from £6.08 £23.00

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This Week in Rave...

August 17, 2016

This week has seen the launch of our new Guatemalan lot from Buena Esperanza in La Democracia and the arrival of our sexy new tote bags (See Instagram for a special deal with both of them!). New Lots are arriving tomorrow from Uganda, El Salvador and the long awaited Cascara (Villa Sarchi from La Julia mill in Costa Rica if you must know),  keep your eyes peeled for them up on the site.   We've been slowly implementing a new green buying policy over the last 6 months not based on anything confirmed or factual, but just on subjective experience.  Occasionally as a roaster you find an old (read months) bag of coffee you stashed in a box somewhere that... Continue Reading →

This week in Rave..

August 03, 2016

This week's update is brought to you by our Design and Customer Service departments Immi - Design and Publications This week I'm working on the brew-zine. Okay so I’m not allowed to call it a brew-zine as that apparently is a bit too artsy. But a new brew guide, something that’s slightly more sophisticated than the last one. I am also planning on sprucing up the packaging and website any day now and nurturing my child, also known as the Rave Coffee Instagram. Also waiting for the Stockholm issue of Drift to hit the UK and working on my coffee palette as everyone keeps giving me fancy tasting notes and all I’m tasting is a nice coffee taste. *mic drop* Teresa... Continue Reading →


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