We wanted to shine a spotlight on the delightful, surprising and sometimes boozy & funky natural processed coffees on offer. 
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Not all natural processed coffees are alike, so if you’ve written them off, perhaps we can guide you towards one you might like! At their most accessible, natural coffees can be bright, bold, fruity and floral. And at their most extreme, they are funky, fermented, juicy and packed with heady aromatics. 

We typically roast these coffees lightly to showcase the flavours of the natural processing, so recommend slow brewing and drinking black. Think cafetiere, filter, v60.

Those brave enough to experiment with espresso will experience an intense fruit bomb of flavour and a sparkling acidity.


From Cherry to bean - What happens in between?


Your coffee beans start off life as something very different - as a fruit, or a coffee cherry to be precise. The process of converting the raw fruit into raw green beans varies across the world and has an impact on the final flavour in the cup.

It's worth getting familiar with the different layers that make up a coffee bean cherry. 




Coffee cherries are picked and then left to dry naturally in the sun either on patios or raised beds with the cherry fruit pulp and skin still intact. The fruit gently ferments inside the skins and imparts its distinct flavour onto the coffee bean within. 

Once the cherries/beans reach the desired moisture content they are then stored and only milled to remove the cherry once ready to ship.  Natural processed coffee is one of the most traditional methods of coffee processing and uses much less water compared to the more common washed processed coffee.


We hope we've tempted you to try something new? 


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