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How to brew the perfect V60 coffee

Frequently asked questions

What it is
A cone dripper where the coffee sits in a cone shape filter and drips down into a cup.
What's the best coffee to use in a V60?
Try our Colombian El Carmen
V60 grind size
Grind as you would for Filter Coffee, between Cafetiere and Aeropress.
Why we like to brew the pour-over coffee method
It provides you with the ability to vary brew times to taste and for various coffees, something not possible with an ordinary filter/pour-over system. It's quick and easy to clean and no longer are you left with a pot of coffee that is stewing on a hot plate. Like the Aeropress, it is a great 1 cup brew method.
V60 coffee to water ratio
We would recommend sixteen parts of water to one part of coffee. So, for instance, 28 grammes of coffee to 454 ml of water.
What’s the best kettle to use for V60?
A ‘gooseneck’ AKA pour over kettle. Why? These kettles are designed, specifically, for pour-over drip coffee makers.
What’s the difference between V60 and Chemex?
There are two crucial differences. The main one is all about the filter, the V60’s filter is much finer than the Chemex. This means that the time it takes to extract the essence of the coffee and, subsequently the brew time is reduced. Secondly, due to the ridges on the V60, the coffee passes through evenly which gives you more control over the brew time. The Chemex tends to flush out at once.
Can you get reusable V60 filter papers?
Yes, but cleaning them can be a pain and they’re quite a big investment at around £30 a pop.
What’s the best material for V60?
The choices will be between glass, ceramic or plastic. Glass and ceramic will be good for heat retention but this will also be reflected in the cost. In our opinion, as the V60 is a relatively quick brew, the difference is pretty negligible.
What is the best water temperature for V60?
Just off the boil or between 92 and 96 degrees.