How to make the perfect V60 Coffee

Hey, guys, it's George Rave's Barista. Today I'm going to talk you through brewing with a v60. This is the pour over method of brewing coffee as opposed to an immersion like a cafetiere. This method is suited to light roasted coffees and produces a bright, delicate and complex cup of coffee.

So in order to make one of these, you're going to need:
- Rave coffee.
- A kettle
- scales and a timer
- v60 dripper and filter papers.
And then obviously some things catch the coffee in at the end.

The v60 comes in several sizes, so just make sure that your dripper matches your papers.

Today, we're using the 01 filters. We're going to brew with the Timor Leste Parami Coffee. This is part of our seasonal range, but really showcases the v60 brings out the sweetness and flavour potential of the coffee, so we're going to pop the kettle on.

You can use a gooseneck pouring kettle if you have one, but they are by no means necessary in producing a great cup of coffee. We want the water to be just off the boil, so around 94 degrees, if you're just using the kettle - pop the lid and maybe wait 30 seconds and then you'll be sweet.

But if you are using gooseneck, you can just go straight in - this can add a little chill to the water. So once you've got your apparatus ready, take your paper and you're going to fold the crease back on itself - and then I like to do a nice fold across - this should sit right in there nicely - position this on top of your mug/server and pour enough water to saturate the paper - that will rinse the paper out and preheat your cup. Discard this water.

We're going to weigh out 14g of ground coffee. If you are ordering from Rave, you can order a filter grind, but we would recommend buying beans and then just grinding what you need so you've got some fresh coffee.

So next, what we're going to do is I'm going to level this bed. I'm going to tare my scales again and I'll grab my water and I'm going to pop 80g in for my bloom - make sure we're getting all of that coffee saturated and then wait 30 seconds for that to bloom.

OK, so now we're at 30 seconds and we're going to do our second pour in our circular motion to get us up to 150g and then wait again, and as the coffee is starting to recede and draw down, you can go ahead with your third pour. You want to keep your eyes on it and as it starts to recede down, then you want to bring your water level up to 200g in total.

There we are - we're at 200g - sit tight and wait for that drawdown to complete the full brewing process should take around two minutes and 30 seconds. This is a great starting point. A coarser grind is going to give you a weaker coffee as the water's just going to pass a little bit quicker and extract a bit less flavour.

A stronger coffee is going to be achieved by grinding a little bit finer, which will slow down that brewing process. Give it a little more time to draw down, and that's why I love brewing with a v60 because you can change the variables. You can tweak it to your own tastes.

You know, taste is subjective. Famously, we would advise only changing one thing at a time. So the amount of coffee coffee you using the grind size, the time it takes for you to brew.

For more brew guides, head over to you won't regret it.

Frequently asked questions

What is a V60?

A cone shaped dripper where the ground coffee sits in a cone shape filter. Water is poured on top and drips through the coffee down into a cup.

What's the best coffee to use in a V60?

Our single origin Colombian El Carmen is a great place to start.

What grind size do I use for the V60?

Grind medium coarse as you would for filter coffee, somewhere between Cafetiere and Aeropress grind.

What is the best water temperature for V60?

Just off the boil or between 92 and 96 degrees C.

What is the coffee to water ratio?

We would recommend aprox 16:1 ratio. So, for instance, 15 grammes of coffee to 250 ml of water.

What’s the difference between V60 and Chemex?

There are two crucial differences. The main one is all about the filter, the V60’s filter is much finer than the Chemex. This means that the time it takes to extract the essence of the coffee and, subsequently the brew time is reduced. Secondly, due to the ridges on the V60, the coffee passes through evenly which gives you more control over the brew time. The Chemex tends to flush out at once.

What’s the best material for V60?

The choices will be between glass, ceramic or plastic. Glass and ceramic will be good for heat retention but this will also be reflected in the cost. In our opinion, as the V60 is a relatively quick brew, the difference is pretty negligible.

Why we like to brew the pour-over coffee method

It provides you with the ability to vary brew times to taste, something not possible with an ordinary drip filter. It's quick and easy to clean and is a great one cup brew method.

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