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how to make the perfect Esspresso coffee

Frequently asked questions

What is espresso?
An espresso machine pressurises hot water and sends it shooting through finely-ground coffee that’s packed into a bed of coffee packed into a filter. The result is a creamy (the creamy top is called ‘crema’) caffeine packed shot of coffee.
How much caffeine is in espresso?
Around 90-100 milligrams per cup. However, due to the size of the suggested serving size of espresso (30 ml) there is probably more caffeine in an average cup of coffee made using a French Press.
How to grind coffee for espresso (grind size)?
As fine as table salt. The trick is with espresso is that you want it fine enough to push the coffee through the filter (and make the all-important crema) but not so fine that the coffee is also pushed through the filter. *A Note on Grinder Adjustment Grinder adjustment should be checked each time you make a coffee. The grinder adjustment along with the coffee tamp determines how quickly the coffee is extracted i.e. how quickly the water flows through the coffee. Think of it like grains of sand - very fine grains restrict the water flow, coarse or large particles cause lots of gaps between the grinds so the water flows through the coffee quicker
Can you make espresso without a machine?
A coffee purist would say that you can only make espresso with an espresso machine. However, as you know we’re not a fan of BS here at Rave and you can make a drink very much like an espresso with a French Press or an Aeropress. What you won’t get it is the crema that is such a distinctive feature of the espresso.
Is Nespresso real espresso?
Technically no. However, a Nespresso machine which will give you a decent shot of coffee with decent crema, so, with our no BS hats on it is very much like an espresso!
How many grams of coffee for espresso?
7-9 grams for a single shot and double the amount for a double!
Do Moka Pots make espresso?
A stovetop Moka pot doesn’t technically make an espresso (water pressure isn’t the same as you would get with an espresso machine) but they do make a strong espresso-like cup. If we want to get technical an espresso needs to be brewed using 130.5 PSI.
What can I do if my espresso is coming out too slow?
If your extraction is too slow (over extracted) i.e takes more than 35 seconds, throw it in the sink with a look of disgust, rinse your cup and adjust your grind size larger/coarser. Don’t waste your taste buds on a shot that isn’t even in the ballpark.
What can I do if my espresso is coming out too fast?
If your extraction is too fast (under extracted) i.e takes less than 25 seconds, adjust your grind size smaller/finer. Again, don’t waste your taste buds, throw it away and wait to hit the targets, then taste and adjust.
Should I use fresh coffee beans for my espresso?
Seems obvious but if you don't start with a great fresh product then it doesn't matter how good your coffee equipment is. Store your fresh product in a cool dry place and squeeze out any air; no fridges please.