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Cold Brew Gift Set

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot

You don’t always have to drink hot or warm coffee, sometimes the opposite is needed. Hario produced yet another marvellous piece of coffee equipment. It is called Cold Brew Coffee Pot and allows you to make delicious cold brew concentrate at home. It is practical and easy to use with a great design. Drink your favourite cold coffee on-the-go or at home with the Cold Brew Coffee Pot.

The gift box contains all you need

  • 1x hario RED cold brew pot
  • 300g cold brew ground coffee
  • brew guide

How to use the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Hario Cold Brew Instructions

Using the Hario cold brew coffee pot is very simple. It also has measurements on the pot so no extra tools are necessary. Add 80g to 100g of ground coffee and 1100ml of water to create 1000ml of cold brew concentrate. Leave the grounds steeping for approximately 8 - 12 hours and then combine with water. Pour the cold brew over ice and enjoy. 

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot Includes :

  • High Quality Glass
  • Permanent Filter
  • Rich Flavour Cold Coffee
  • 1000ml Capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Pot Colour: RED

    Cold Brew Coffee

    This 300g pack allows you to brew 3 batches of concentrate making approximately 3 litres of cold brew.

    You will need
    100g of ground cold brew coffee
    1 litre of filtered cold water