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how to brew the perfect stove top coffee

Frequently asked questions

What it is & how does a moka pot work?
A stove-top coffee maker that pushes hot water through the coffee grounds under steam pressure - very similar to espresso.
Fun fact:
Invented in Italy in 1933 - Bialetti still produces this with over 200 million manufactured to date.
What should my stovetop coffee grind be like?
Quite fine but not powder. Grind midway between Filter and Espresso grind.
Why we like it:
The Moka pot or Bialetti comes close to espresso type coffee without the need for expensive equipment. This is why Moka Pots are often referred to as stovetop espresso makers.
What’s the brew time for a moka pot coffee?
Two minutes, but if in doubt, when the pot starts gurgling it’s good to go.
What’s the best Moka Pot brew ratio?
As a rule of thumb, one part coffee to seven parts water is the best for a moka pot.
What can I do if my Moka Pot coffee is bitter?
If you find the Moka brew too bitter, don’t use less coffee. Firstly, consider using a lighter roast or, alternatively, add some hot water, just off the boil.
Can you get Moka Pot crema?
Coffee purists would say ‘no’ and that crema is only possible using the espresso machine. However, we’re not purists (we just like coffee) and we can tell you that with practice you can create crema with a moka pot. The trick? Use beans that are fresh as you can get and, preferably, grind your own. The twist? Grind like your grinding for an espresso brew, the consistency you’re looking for is that of table salt.