How to make the perfect Stovetop Coffee

Welcome everybody to another brew guide. I'm David. I work in the marketing team here at Rave Coffee. Today I'm going to talk you through how to make coffee in a Stove Top (also known as a Moka pot). This is probably the closest method to espresso that you're going to get without spending a fortune on an expensive machine

The Moka pot was invented by the Italians, like many good things in coffee usually are - and it works by heating up water and the bottom chamber pressure then pushes the water up through the internal basket filled with coffee and into the top chamber.

To make coffee like this, you're going to need a
- a StoveTop/Moka Pot
- a hob
- hot water
- Rave coffee
and then something to cool off the Moka pot after it's fully extracted.

Today we're using Raves Ethiopian Women's co-op Sidamo. This is one of our darker roasts. It works well because the brew time is so short. The extra roasting makes the coffee more porous and therefore easier to extract the flavour from.

If ordering pre-ground coffee, then we recommend the filter grind, which is a medium sized grind. However, if you are grinding your beans at home, you may want to experiment with something just a little bit coarser than an espresso grind.

We want to remove the basket from the Moka pot - fill the Moka Pot with hot water, not boiling water, up to just below the safety valve. Take your basket and fill it with coffee and then use your finger to level it off don't worry about weighing just fill it right to the top of the chamber. You're not looking to press the coffee down and pack it, so just level it off..

Pop your basket in the lower chamber. Take your t-towel because it's quite hot and screw the top on tightly. Place your stovetop very carefully on the hop and lift your lid and wait for the coffee to flow. You can start a timer if you like. It should take between 3 or 4 minutes, and once the stream starts to blonde and looks thin then you'll know the coffee is fully extracted. It will also make a gurgling sound.

So we're going to take the Moka pot and we're going to plunge it into cold water just to stop the brewing process. So it does not over extract, obviously at home we just suggest running under cold water. So we're ready to pour.

If you like things, thick and strong with a bold mouthfeel, this method is for you! Because there are lots of un dissolved solids in here which are completely taken away with a filter coffee, Thanks for watching head over to rave for more brew guides.

Frequently asked questions

What it is & how does a moka pot work?

A stove-top coffee maker is a coffee brewing device that pushes hot water through coffee grounds under steam pressure - It produces a coffee very similar to espresso.

What coffee grind should I use for my stovetop coffee maker?

Quite fine but not powder. Grind midway between Filter and Espresso grind.

What’s the best Moka Pot brew ratio?

As a rule of thumb, one part coffee to seven parts water is the best for a stovetop brewing device.

What’s the best coffee for Moka Pot?

Try our Signature or Fudge Blend.

What can I do if my Moka Pot coffee is bitter?

If you find the Moka brew too bitter, don’t use less coffee. Firstly, consider using a lighter roast or, alternatively, add some hot water, just off the boil. Make sure your heat source isn't too high as this can scorch or overheat the coffee.

Fun fact

Invented in Italy in 1933 - Bialetti still produces this with over 200 million manufactured to date.

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