Over the years we have experimented with various chemical-free decaffeination processes in an effort to find a stable supply of clean, delicious decaf coffee that fits with our sourcing model.

We are proud to announce Rave Coffee's Swiss Water Decaf Blend.

Who are Swiss Water? 

Swiss Water have been in the game a long time and their process has improved greatly over the years.  This year alone we have seen decaf from Swiss Water that still preserves the taste of the original micro-lot with very little effect on flavour. 

This means that a Swiss Water Brazil still tastes like a Brazil, a Guatemala still tastes like a Guatemala with even the acidity preserved, and not just a decaffeinated coffee taste (often described with tasting notes of biscuit,and muted acidity).

Swiss Water are also firm supporters of World Coffee Research, an organisation we are also involved with and proud supporters of (more of that in another blog post).  Their commitment to ethical sourcing and the development of a sustainable future for our industry are strong which works in harmony with our business model.

The catch is that we have to pay a significant amount more money for the coffee, but in the name of tastier decaf for you and a better future for us all, we think it's worth it!

Why Swiss Water Decaf?

When searching for the best decaf coffee that retains flavour and uses an ethical decaffeination process, we found Swiss Water to be ahead of the pack. As leaders in chemical-free caffeine extraction for over 30 years, Swiss Water Decaf sets the standard for sustainable decaffeination that results in smooth taste without solvents.

How the Swiss Water Process Works

The proprietary Swiss Water Process relies only on water and green coffee extract to remove caffeine from high-quality coffee beans. Here is a brief overview of the key steps:

  1. Whole bean coffee is initially soaked in hot water to draw out caffeine as well as flavourful oils and soluble solids.
  2. The liquid is run through an activated carbon filter that traps the caffeine molecules while allowing flavour elements to pass through. This is the green coffee extract.
  3. The green coffee extract is then used to decaffeinate new batches of beans. Only water and this GCE touch the raw beans at any point.
  4. After soaking the green beans to draw out caffeine, the Swiss Water process reintroduces desirable solids from that same batch of beans, returning 99% of the coffee’s flavour back into the grounds.
  5. The beans are then dried and ready to be roasted into delicious Swiss Water Decaf coffee.

This chemical-free water process for decaffeinating coffee allows our premium beans to retain much of their delicious coffee tasting notes through decaffeination and roasting.

At Rave Coffee, we chose Swiss Water specifically for their smooth taste and dedication to sustainability.


Why Swiss Water Decaf is Better


Other common decaffeination methods rely on chemical solvents like ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. Besides requiring added chemicals, these harsh solvents can strip away flavourful oils and extract desirable compounds beyond just caffeine.

The Swiss Water method minimises loss of flavour notes while reducing caffeine content by at least 97% using only water and green coffee extract. This award-winning process lets the true character of our specialty coffee shine through into your cup of hot decaf.

Plus, Swiss Water operates a zero waste, byproduct-free facility committed to improving the social, economic and environmental realities around coffee production. They help drive more mindful, sustainable decaffeination practices industry-wide.

Our Delicious Swiss Water Decaf Offerings

After cupping many different Swiss Water decafs from around the world, we chose to feature beans from two exceptional coffee growing regions to create our proprietary Swiss Water Decaf Blend:

Costa Rica - Sweet with notes of milk chocolate and almond. Medium acidity and silky body.

Colombia - Well-balanced with distinct cocoa powder and caramel flavours. Clean, juicy finish.

Skillfully blended and roasted to optimise flavour, our mix produces a pleasing everyday decaf coffee with enough complexity to enjoy black or complement your favorite dairy or sweetener.

These chemical-free, Swiss Water decaffeinated beans retain their delicious flavour and smooth drinking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swiss water decaf good for you?

Yes! By using a 100% chemical free process, Swiss Water decaf contains no residual solvents or added chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for health conscious coffee lovers. The water process also better preserves antioxidants and healthy compounds in the beans.

What is the difference between decaf and Swiss water decaf?

Traditional methods use harsh chemical solvents that often degrade flavour and beneficial compounds. The patented Swiss Water process relies only on water, time and temperature to gently draw caffeine out while leaving the coffee's true taste behind.

Does McDonald's use Swiss water decaf?

No, McDonald's uses another chemical process for their decaf coffee called the direct method. This fastest technique speeds volume but frequently alters flavour. Swiss Water is premium decaffeination designed specifically for artisan, specialty coffee like we offer.

What is the Swiss water process for decaffeinated coffee?

The Swiss Water Process uses water, time and green coffee extract to naturally draw caffeine out of premium coffee beans. Because it adds no chemicals, Swiss Water decaf perfectly retains the delicious flavours and aromas that define our favorite morning drink.

Contact our coffee experts today to learn more about our new Swiss Water decaf offerings!

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