Over the years we have experimented with various chemical-free decaffeination processes in an effort to find a stable supply of clean, delicious decaf coffee that fits with our sourcing model.

Swiss Water have been in the game a long time and their process has improved greatly over the years.  This year alone we have seen decaf from Swiss Water that still preserves the taste of the original micro-lot with very little effect on flavour.  This means that a Swiss Water Brazil still tastes like a Brazil, a Guatemala still tastes like a Guatemala with even the acidity preserved, and not just a decaffeinated coffee taste (often described with tasting notes of biscuit,and muted acidity).

Swiss Water are also firm supporters of World Coffee Research, an organisation we are also involved with and proud supporters of (more of that in another blog post).  Their commitment to ethical sourcing and the development of a sustainable future for our industry are strong which works in harmony with our business model.

The catch is that we have to pay a significant amount more money for the coffee, but in the name of tastier decaf for you and a better future for us all, we think it's worth it!

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