India Robusta Cherry AB
Green Coffee Beans

  • ProcessNatural

  • Grown: Mysore, Coorg, Hassan, 

    Altitude: 1,100m

    Farm Info: 

    In the lush green hills of Southern India are the home of India's largest coffee plantations. Situated in the hills of Mysore, Coorg, Hassan, Chickmaglur and the Nilgiris. The natural elements here are conducive to good coffee. Favourable climate, fertile soils and stringent quality control all contribute to producing the finest mild coffee in the world today - rich, smooth and full of flavour.

  • This high quality Indian Cherry Robusta will add a punch to your favourite blend. 
    Use sparingly as the extra caffeine will add bitterness. Use between 10 and 20% to 'season' your blend.

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