How to make the perfect Cold Brew Coffee

Hi there. I'm Becky and I'm going to talk you through two methods of making cold brew. Cold brew is exactly that coffee grounds steeped in cold water, but over a long period of time, it's different to iced coffee, which is coffee that's brewed hot and then rapidly cooled.

What cold brew achieves is a longer, slow extraction. The highlights brightness, sweetness and natural fruit notes, rather than just tasting like a cup of coffee gone cold. The first method uses one of these cold brew jugs. They're very simple to use and make a diluted ready to drink cold coffee.

The second method makes a cold brew concentrate, which can be diluted down or use as a base for cocktails. This method is more versatile, and all you need is the coffee, a vessel, some kind of filter or strainer, and a fridge. For best results we recommend using a Rave cold brew coffee, as this has been ground very coarse and works well with a long extraction time.

So firstly, let's look at the cold brew method. You will need:
- Hario cold brew pot
- 80g of Rave Cold Brew coffee
- 1000g of cold filtered water.

The first step is to place the coffee grinds into the inner mesh lined chamber within the glass decanter so pop the pot on the scales and tare the scales - we will now weigh in 80 grams of ground coffee. The next step is to tare the scales again and pour the water over the grounds.

The water will flow through quite quickly. And remember, we're hitting a 1000g of water. The coffee will stay in contact with the water through the mesh and continue to brew. So just give the coffee a little stir. Pop the lid on and leave in the fridge for eight to twelve hours, allowing time for the coffee to brew.

The second method is to make a cold brew concentrate. And for this, you'll need:
- 100g of Rave cold brew coffee
- 500g of cold filtered water
- a vessel to make it in.

We're using a cafetière - again pop the vessel on the scales, tare the scales and we'll weight 100g of ground coffee. Once you have the coffee in the cafetière, tare the scales again, and you'll now need to add 500g of cold filtered water.

Give the coffee a stir to ensure that all the grounds are saturated in the water and then pop this in the fridge overnight for approximately 14 hours.

These two have been in the fridge overnight for the Hario Cold Brew Pot all you have to do is remove the inner mesh filter and pour over some ice to enjoy. If you do have any coffee left in the pot, you can just put this in the fridge and it'll keep for three to four days.

For the concentrate you can just strain with the cafetière. But for a cleaner cup, we recommend filtering through a paper filter, such as a Chemex, Aeropress or v60. You now have a cold brew concentrate that can be diluted by approximately one part concentrate to one part cold filtered water or one part concentrate to two parts tonic water. And this makes a great summer drink. And of course, you can always get boozy with it!

Like with all our brew methods. We would encourage you to experiment with brew times, dose and grind size if you like. We would just recommend only changing one variable at a time so you can taste the difference that this change makes.

You can find this and other methods on our website - Best of luck with your brew.

Frequently asked questions

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee isn’t simply cold coffee i.e an espresso served over ice. It’s coffee that is brewed cold. Brewing involves steeping the grounds in cold water for up to 24 hours. The result is a delicious coffee concentrate that can be served chilled with ice, water or milk. Brewing cold brings out different flavours and highlights the smooth chocolatey notes.

What’s the best purpose-built cold brew coffee maker?

We like the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot available on our website.

What’s the best ground coffee for cold brew?

Try Rave’s Cold Brew Ground Coffee, available on our website.

What about milk and dairy alternatives in cold brew coffee?

You can use milk instead of water to dilute your cold brew concentrate. Milk alternatives can be used, our favourites are Oat, soy or almond.

Do you have any recommendations for cold brew coffee recipes?

Yes, you can find them in this post here (

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