A proper office coffee station is essential for keeping employees happy and productive throughout the workday. Whether your team runs on dark roast or prefers a frothy cappuccino, having the right coffee setup can make all the difference.

To help you build the perfect coffee station, here are eight ideas to inspire your office:

1. Install an Espresso Machine

Step aside, instant coffee! Upgrade your office's coffee culture with a high-quality espresso machine.Single or double group head models give your employees the ability to easily prepare barista-quality espresso and steamed milk drinks.

As a bonus, consider supplying quality coffee bean blends and delicious coffee syrups so employees can fully personalise their beverages.

2. Offer Single-Serve Pod Brewers

Single-serve pod coffee makers provide speed and convenience - perfect for employees on the go. By keeping an assortment of pods to satisfy all tastes, employees can brew their preferred roast with the touch of a button.

Compostable Nespresso pods are a responsible alternative to the conventional aluminium capsules. Keep recycling bins at the coffee station for easy disposal.

3. Set Up Batch Brewers

Filter coffee machines let you brew coffee in bulk. They can quickly serve up dozens of cups and keep your office caffeinated and productive all-day long. Consider dual coffee brewers that make regular and decaf .

4. Install Speciality Tea Selections

While coffee is essential, many employees also enjoy sipping speciality tea. Make sure tea drinkers aren’t left out by:

  • Offering an assortment of tea blends and brewing methods like loose leaf teas, herbal infusions and tea pods.

  • Providing extras like lemon, honey and sugar cubes to elevate the tea experience.

5. Provide Coffee Snacks

Complement your station with tasty snacks that pair perfectly with coffee. Provide holders filled with cookies, biscotti, granola bars, nuts and chocolates. Savoury snacks like popcorn and pretzels also hit the spot.

6. Offer Coffee Subscriptions

No more scrambling for last-minute coffee runs! A Coffee subscription will keep your office stocked with premium beans, eliminating the morning panic and ensuring everyone's cup is always full.

Rave’s Coffee Club

Rave Coffee's exclusive Coffee Club subscription delivers fresh, ethically sourced coffees monthly. Plus, we include tuition pieces with each delivery that include techniques, knowledge and tips to make your coffee experience more fun.

7. Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is the name of the game, especially in a larger office. This starts by stocking eco-friendly supplies, like renewable bamboo stir sticks and compostable cups.

But it also involves choosing organic and fair-trade coffee to support sustainability. At Rave, we partner with coffee bean producers that farm responsibly. What’s more, our packaging is recyclable and we’re proud 1% For The Planet members.

8. Design an Inviting Coffee Bar

To make your coffee and tea station visually appealing and grab-and-go friendly, consider:

  • Using wall-mounted shelves, countertops and stands to organise supplies.

  • Incorporating fun additions like chalkboard menus, coffee slogan art and colourful mugs.

  • Having stools and a communal table to encourage employees to take relaxing breaks.

With these ideas in mind, creating a coffee station your team will love is easy. Experiment to discover which options best suit your office needs and culture.

Wholesale Coffee for Offices to Rave About

We all know just how essential that coffee break can be during a long workday. By creating an inviting, well-stocked office coffee station, you enable your team to refuel and refocus.

At Rave Coffee, we offer wholesale coffee solutions for offices looking for hassle-free coffee service. Experience the simplicity of online ordering, free UK delivery and receiving freshly roasted coffee beans today.