Monsoon Process

Monsoon Malabar is a protected classification of coffee processing, and takes place only on the Keralan coast of SW India. The coffee cherries are harvested just like any other coffee, and then sun-dried before hand pulping. Then things get interesting! The beans are then purposefully left in open sided warehouses, exposed to the harsh, high-moisture winds of the monsoon season. The coffee absorbs a lot of this moisture, and the beans swell and turn a pale light green/white colour. 
This continues for the 3-4 month monsoon season, before the coffee is finally packaged and shipped to us here at RAVE. The roasted coffee is low in acidity, with notes of spice, cocoa and smokey aromatics.
It is said that the first 'monsooned' coffee was done so by accident in the 19th Century when a shipment of coffee from India to Europe was delayed at sea during the monsoon, and the coffee was consumed and enjoyed at its destination! 

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