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How to brew the perfect chemex coffee

Frequently asked questions

What it is?
A cone dripper where the coffee sits in a cone shape filter and drips down into a cup.
What kind of coffee works best with Chemex?
South American, generally and Columbian, specifically. Why? There are obviously differences with the tasting notes of Columbian coffee beans from plantation to plantation but it can be defined generally by low acidity, mellow hints of caramel underpinned by a lovely nutty sweetness. The Chemex brewing method (which takes slightly longer than, say French Press) really brings out the flavour profile of a stronger coffee with bolder tasting notes.
What size of Chemex should I buy?
This really depends on how many people you are making your morning cup for. However, let’s assume that you’re making coffee for two. A three-cup machine will probably be too small, especially if both of you are drinking from a larger cup or what a top-up. A ten cup machine is probably overkill unless you are both seriously tired or want to be seriously wired. In our opinion, the six cup machine is probably going to be just right for two people for your daily cup.
Isn’t Chemex just the same as the pour-over method?
Both methods involve pouring coffee over a filter. So, let’s be honest, there are some big similarities. The difference is all about the filter, thicker filters lead, in our opinion to a much tastier brew.
Should I go for a Chemex or Aeropress?
This really depends on how you like your coffee. Aeropress generally is better for the coffee lover on the go. But it is also generally more suited to people who enjoy an espresso-style coffee whereas the Chemex will be better suited for the coffee lover who enjoys a rounder, richer cup of coffee.
What Chemex grind size?
Grind as you would for filter coffee, between Cafetiere and Aeropress.