How to make the perfect Aeropress Coffee

Hey guys, it's George from Rave Coffee, and today we're going to be talking you through how to brew coffee using the AeroPress. The AeroPress is versatile and was originally invented to produce espresso style coffee, but nowadays most people use it to make a larger filter style of brew, which is what we're going to show you today.

Like the Cafetière this is also a full immersion brew. So the result has lots of natural sweetness and body to it. So you're going to need your
- AeroPress kit
- Rave coffee
- scales with a timer, ideally
- boiling water, well just off the boil.

Today, we're using our Signature Blend. It's a Rave OG, so it's an oldie but goodie. It works well for both filter and espresso style brewing so perfect for the AeroPress. You should expect to find notes of chocolate, caramel and almond in there.

So let's put the kettle on whilst we assemble our AeroPress. So you're going to want to take the plunger and insert into the chamber just below the four. So that should allow enough space to fit 200 grams of water.

And then you want to place the filter into your filter cap. Leave this unattached for now. Once the kettle is boiled, you want to rinse your filter out. Careful of your fingers here, rinsing out the filter will get rid of that papery taste you get with your fresh filters. So this is two birds, one stone because we're preheating our drinking vessel as well. Place your AeroPress onto your scales and set them to zero.

We always recommend buying beans and grinding what you need for the freshest coffee possible. You're aiming for a medium sized grind. If you are buying pre-ground from us, please be sure to select the filter grind on the website when you order.

So today we're going to be using 15 grams of the classic Signature Blend. The scoop that conveniently comes with the kit is about 16 grams, so you should be good to go. So the scoop itself is a good rule of thumb if you don't have access to good scales- and then you want to level up your coffee in the chamber. Our kettle boiled around a minute ago. A nice trick is to flip the top off and just wait 30 seconds, and that should speed things up and bring the temperature down to around 94 degrees, which is what we want. So off the boil. We're going to tare the scales, start the timer as we're pouring in our 200 grams of water. We want to make sure we're getting all of those dry bits of coffee all the way up to 200 grams. And then you're going to want to leave this to steep for 60 seconds. (Wait 1 minute)

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to stir vigorously with this lovely paddle that comes with. We're going to stir that crust out. So you want to pop the filter cap onto the AeroPress. It's very important to take it off the scale for obvious reasons. Screw that on tightly and then very carefully push out any remaining air till you see that lovely liquid coming through. At this point you want to discard the preheated water, and it's always a good idea to flip the cup on top and then get a good grip on the two of them and flip it over like that. I like to give it a good swirl, make sure everything's settled and then we're going to slowly plunge. You're not looking to put a lot of pressure on this is akin to a cafetière. And at this point, you'll be getting a lot of feedback, guys. If it's too difficult to pull the water through, you're going to be looking at grinding a little bit coarser. And if it's going through far too quickly, you're going to want to grind a bit finer.

There we are. There's the hiss. The AeroPress is a very forgiving brew method, so use the recipe as a starting point, as always. And don't be scared to experiment. You can adjust any of the variables which includes the dose, the time that you leave the coffee to sleep, or the grind size itself. But we always recommend only changing one variable at a time. Now you have a beautiful cup of AeroPress coffee, so enjoy.

Head on over to the website, For more brew guides, equipment and, of course, coffee.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Aeropress?

It's a brewing device for making filter coffee where coffee is steeped in a tube and then forced through a paper filter with a plunger.

What's the best coffee for Aeropress?

Try our Signature Blend or Colombia El Carmen.

What is the best grind size for AeroPress?

A semi fine grind, like drip filter, works best. Why? This grind will create a greater surface area for the water to infuse and will result in a richer brew from your Aeropress. Espresso grind will quickly over extract and it may be difficult to press the aeropress. Choose Rave Filter grind.

What are the differences between inverted and normal Aeropress?

There are subtle differences between the normal Aeropress and inverted but there is definitely is one. With the standard method, water drips through the filter immediately after it has been poured over the ground coffee. With the inverted method, the coffee stays in the water for longer which means more flavour will be extracted for a richer brew.

Is Aeropress coffee like espresso?

Espresso is ground coffee which has a layer of crema which is a result of the pressure brewing process. The Aeropress method will not produce this crema as it is not a pressurised but merely pushed through a paper filter.

Fun fact

The Aerobie Aeropress was invented by the same man who invented the Frisbee!

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