Colombia El Carmen Sugarcane Decaf Nº 77 Colombia El Carmen Sugarcane Decaf Nº 77

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Colombia El Carmen Sugarcane Decaf Nº 77

Tastes Like: Chocolate, Vanilla, Red fruits

From £7.25

Swiss Water Decaf No 11 Swiss Water Decaf No 11

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Swiss Water Decaf No 11

Tastes Like: Chocolate, Spice, Malt

From £7.60

Half Caf Blend No.13 Half Caf Blend No.13

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Half Caf Blend No.13

Tastes Like: Milk chocolate, Baked apple, Pecan

From £6.95

FAQ's about coffee bags...

How long should I brew Rave coffee bags?

We recommend brewing for a full 5 minutes to extract the maximum flavour from our compostable coffee bags. We also recommend stiring occasionaly during the brewing process.

What temperature should I brew the coffee bags at?

Always use freshly boiled water. For the perfect tempature lift the lid of the kettle after it has boiled and wait 30 seconds.

How much water should I use per coffee bag?

The coffee bags are designed to work in a fairly standard cup size. If you have a much larger cup - or prefer a stronger cup of coffee you might prefer using two bags.

Can I use cold water with my coffee bags?

Techincally, yes. While we haven't designed them for this purpose they actually make very good cold-brew coffee. You would just need to leave them overnight to extract properly.

Do I need any special equipment to brew with your coffee bags?

No! Just a kettle to get your water hot.

What flavours do your coffee bags come in?

Currently we only put our Signature Blend No. 1 in coffee bags but we have plans to relase other coffee bags soon.

How much coffee is in Rave coffee bags?

Each bag contains 9g of our hand-roasted speciality coffee. This is more coffee than a lot of the other coffee bags you will see in the marketplace.

What is the shelf life of Rave compostable coffee bags?

As each coffee bag is in an indivually sealed sachet your coffee bags should be good for at least 12 momnths from the roasting date.

Can I re-use Rave compostable coffee bags?

We don't recommend re-using the coffee bags. After brewing once that bag will have been fully extracted - brewing with a bag again would result in a very dissapointing cup. No hanging the bags out on clothes lines to dry you lot!