Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

Roasting coffee at home with a small coffee roaster can be great fun and very rewarding. We have have an ever-changing selection of Specialty raw, unroasted green beans to choose from. Roast and enjoy your coffee as single estate or experiment by mixing to create your very own coffee blend. Once your green beans are roasted store them in our ziplock bags, this will allow your beans to degas via the one-way valve to keep them fresh. Contact us by email if you need any tips for successful roasting.

Where does green coffee come from?

Coffee is actually derived from a small red fruit (cherry), which is farmed and the inner seed (this is the green coffee bean) is dried, ready for roasting. Our speciality green coffee beans are carefully sourced from the worlds finest growing regions. We have been working with many of our suppliers, some of which are organic, for a number of years forming strong relationships with the farms. Our 1% for the planet commitment means we will donate 1% of all sales to environmental causes

You can learn more about the types of green coffee in our latest blog post.

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