Working Towards Sustainability

Sustainability is something we are passionate about here at Rave.  Being a part of the coffee supply chain gives us a prime opportunity to make a difference with producers, with our practices, and with our products.  It is essential to maintain a balance between the environment, and the livelihoods of all involved with coffee production. 

Our coffee is sourced carefully and ethically - we select producers we can support and maintain long-term relationships with in the future.  We attempt to help improve the sustainability of farms through various production systems and education.  Additionally, some of the coffee we source is certified organic, meaning that the impact on the environment is reduced and the farmer is receiving a premium price.  Most importantly, a fair price is paid to the farmer, to ensure each farmer can maintain production in addition to improving their livelihoods and communities.  

A variety of our Single Origins take part in sustainability projects.  Some examples include

At the roastery, we make every attempt possible to reduce our impact on the environment. We recycle all of our pallets, plastic, cardboard and compost what we can.  We choose sustainable packaging and each order is packaged with care and love! 


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