As a coffee roaster, you understand the importance of crafting exceptional coffee, but your journey doesn't end at the roast. Delivering that fresh-roasted flavour to coffee shops, hotels, or individual customers requires thoughtful packaging solutions. 

This guide to coffee packaging explores essential coffee packaging recommendations to ensure your coffee arrives at its destination bursting with flavour and aroma, while also considering environmental responsibility.

Key Coffee Packaging Recommendations for Freshness

Your coffee packaging isn’t just a convenient container for your product. It has multiple purposes, ranging from preserving coffee freshness to promoting your coffee brand. We recommend considering these factors while weighing up your packaging options:

Airtight Packaging 

Freshness is essential when it comes to coffee. Once coffee is exposed to oxygen, its flavour and aroma can quickly degrade. To combat this, we recommend opting for airtight packaging. It creates a barrier between the coffee and the external environment, protecting your roasted coffee’s flavour profile.

Valve Bags 

Coffee releases carbon dioxide (CO2) as it degasses. While a small amount of CO2 can actually enhance the coffee’s flavour, excessive CO2 buildup can cause coffee bags to bloat and pop. That’s why valve bags are equipped with a one-way degassing valve that permits CO2 to escape while preventing oxygen ingress. This helps to keep coffee fresh and maintain bag integrity.

Sustainable Packaging for Coffee

Today, environmental responsibility is a top priority for many consumers, so roasters have a unique opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability through their packaging choices.

Kraft Paper Bags 

A classic and versatile option, kraft paper bags are fully recyclable and biodegradable. They offer a natural aesthetic that perfectly aligns with coffee's earthy essence. Consider using thicker, multi-layered kraft paper for whole beans to provide additional protection and barrier properties.

Bio-Based Plastics  

Derived from renewable resources like plant starches or cellulose, bio-based plastics offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional, petroleum-based plastics. Coffee drinkers can commercially compost them in appropriate facilities, significantly reducing waste compared to traditional plastics.

Refill Coffee Pouches

Offer a refill option for your coffee beans or ground coffee, allowing customers to bring their own containers and minimise packaging waste. You can partner with local shops that offer bean refills to create a closed-loop system for coffee consumption.

Reusable Containers

Consider offering a premium line of coffee packaged in reusable tins or glass jars. This not only reduces waste but also creates a beautiful and long-lasting container that customers can repurpose for storage or display.

Additional Tips for Roasters

As a coffee roaster, you have the power to make a significant impact on the environment by choosing sustainable packaging solutions. By implementing these additional tips, you can enhance the freshness of your coffee while minimising your ecological footprint:

  • Resealable packaging - For ground coffee, consider resealable packaging to maintain its freshness after opening. 
  • Gusset bags - For whole coffee beans, gusset bags can provide additional space for degassing coffee. These bags expand outward, creating more headroom for CO2 to be released without compromising the bag’s integrity.
  • Limit material use - Choose packaging that’s the perfect size for your coffee quantity. Avoid excess packaging because it’ll most likely end up in landfills.
  • Opt for certified materials - Look for packaging materials with certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for paper products or BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) for compostable options. These certifications ensure responsible sourcing and biodegradability.
  • Educate your customers - Clearly communicate your commitment to sustainability on your packaging and website, and help your customers learn more about coffee and how to recycle or compost your packaging materials properly.

Coffee Packaging to Rave About

By following this roaster’s guide for coffee packaging, you can ensure your wholesale coffee arrives fresh, delivers an exceptional drinking experience and reflects your commitment to sustainability. 

At Rave Coffee, we advocate for freshness and sustainability for our specialty coffee by offering compostable Nespresso pods and coffee bags. Plus, all our packaging is 100% recyclable, allowing our customers to have coffee with a free conscience. 


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