The cezve pot and Turkish coffee have defined coffee culture in Turkey. This distinctive brewing produces a thick, intensely flavoured coffee quite unlike Western methods. If you’re keen to experience authentic Turkish coffee, mastering this brewing technique creates the full, aromatic cup this style is renowned for.

What Equipment Do You Need to Brew Turkish-Style Coffee?

Part of Turkish coffee’s mystique lies in the specialised tools they use. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An ibrik/cezve - The signature long-handled copper pot used for brewing. Look for a 3-6 oz capacity.

  • Turkish coffee grinder - A manual burr grinder that produces an ultra-fine powder-like grind, then you can brew turkish coffee like a pro!.

  • Cups - Opt for small 2-3 oz cups with no handles to allow for foam.

  • Teaspoon - Used for adding sugar, skimming the foam, and even stirring the coffee for fortune reading.

Achieving the Signature Ultra-Fine Grind

Turkish coffee requires an incredibly fine espresso-level powder grind to properly extract and create the desired thick, muddy texture with foam. This is finer than most home electric grinders can produce.

Using a traditional hand-crank Turkish burr grinder is ideal. Otherwise, run coffee through your grinder’s espresso setting twice to achieve a superfine texture. Some recommend using powdered instant coffee, but this misses the ritual of grinding whole coffee beans .

Measure out coffee directly into the ibrik based on cups - roughly 1 heaped teaspoon per small 2-3 oz cup. Then grind the portion needed directly into the brewing vessel.

Step-by-Step Ibrik Brewing Guide

Now, you’re ready to begin the Turkish coffee ritual. Follow these steps for authentic cezve-brewed Turkish coffee.

  1. Heat water just shy of boiling in a kettle. Proper temperature is key - around 90°C/195°F.

  2. Add cold water into the ibrik (avoid using hot tap water). Use a ratio of 5 oz water per 1-2 oz cup capacity.

  3. Add sugar if desired. Allow 1-2 teaspoons per cup depending on taste.

  4. Stir until the sugar fully dissolves.

  5. Add the finely ground coffee - about 1 heaping teaspoon per 2-3 oz cup.

  6. Gently stir to incorporate and sink any floating grounds.

  7. Place the ibrik on the stovetop over medium-low heat. Position the handle safely away from flames.

  8. Heat ibrik slowly, occasionally gently swirling but avoiding stirring. Foam will begin rising.

  9. Right before it boils, remove the ibrik from the heat. The foam should be about 2.5 cm/1 inch high.

  10. Distribute the coffee into preheated 2-3 oz cups, leaving the grounds in the ibrik.

  11. Allow the foam to settle, then enjoy slowly with sweets like Turkish delight or baklava.

  12. Pour additional hot water into the ibrik and repeat the process to make 2-3 rounds of coffee from the grounds.

Tips for Ibrik Brewing Excellence

  • Use a thermometer and kill the heat right before boiling to get the optimal 90-95°C temp.

  • Swirl gently to agitate the foam without disrupting it. Avoid stirring.

  • Let the foam rise just slightly before removing it from the heat. Too much boiling ruins the foam.

  • Pour slowly and evenly into all cups to distribute the foam.

  • Rotate your wrist while pouring to keep the grounds in the ibrik.

  • Preheat the cups with hot water to maintain the ideal drinking temperature.

  • Brew 2-3 rounds per ground portion to get the full extraction.

Your Journey into Authentic Turkish Coffee

Brewing coffee in the intricate Turkish style using a cezve and fine grind introduces you to a world of coffee history and rituals. At Rave Coffee, we offer a variety of coffee bean blends so you can experiment to find your perfect taste, including taster packs to increase your exposure to different flavours.

What’s more, our range of coffee grinders, from manual grinders to espresso grinders , can help you achieve the ideal ultra-fine Turkish grind consistency for an authentic experience.


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