Our October Traditional subscription is a Honduran coffee from smallholders in the El Paraiso region. This area  is home to  some of the oldest coffee farming communities in the country - and has some exceptional, yet affordable coffees. Producers here are receptive to new coffee varietals, which are both disease resistant and better at handling the impacts of climate change - therefore quality and yield has improved greatly in recent years. Honduras is now the 5th largest coffee exporter. 

This is a classic example of coffee from this region, and is extremely accessible, easy to brew and well suited to all day brewing.

Our tasting notes for this coffee are: Hazelnut, cocoa & honeycomb

The nutty notes are more obvious in immersion style brewing - so think Aeropress and cafetiere. The sweetness and rich cocoa flavour make this a good coffee for milk pairing. If you are used to adding sugar to your brew, try this one without,  it’s naturally sweet and you may be pleasantly surprised.

As always you can get in touch and let us know what you think, ask us for brewing help, or for other great coffee recommendations.




Our October Discovery subscription coffee is from the Kii Coffee Factory in Kenya. The producing farms sit on the southern slopes of Mt Kenya and benefit from a warm climate and volcanic soils. The coffee name is taken from the Kii river that runs through the region. It is this water, fresh from the snow capped mountain that washes the coffee cherries. 

The producers here operate on small 1 or 2 hectare farms with as few as 150 trees each. Their ripe cherry is then delivered to the central factory for processing. This is  done in a uniform and consistent manner and gives the coffee a typical regional flavour profile. The Kii coffee factory also operates a dairy, giving them reliable cash flow throughout the year. 

With regard to flavour- In many ways its a classic Kenyan coffee, typical of the region, in its high acidity, citrus/floral aromatics and stone fruit notes. 

Our tasting notes are: Nectarine, blackcurrant & assam tea

This coffee’s high natural acidity is one that should be balanced by sweetness which can be found in the rich fruit flavour, and heightened by considered brewing and drinking black. 

If a heavier, darker coffee is more your thing, you could try our Traditional subscription which this month is a classic washed Honduran  well suited to milk drinks.