This month will be the first Peruvian coffee offered on the Traditional Coffee Subscription since 2019! The coffee is named Mishanango, symbolizing the strength and power of the region, and is produced by a local cooperative of young producers.  

Peru is a lesser regarded speciality coffee producing origin for no good reason really. Some of the areas best suited to coffee are remote and hard to access. But the soil quality, altitudes, local knowledge and passion are perfectly placed to produce exceptional coffee. Flavour profiles are typically quite similar to neighbouring Colombia but with lower acidity and more body and cocoa sweetness.  

Our flavour notes for this coffee are: Brown Sugar, Forest Fruits & Praline 
We’re big fans of the AeroPress to brew this coffee, but any immersion method will highlight the flavours well, so that could be a cafetière or clever dripper. A paper filter will produce a cleaner, brighter finish, and a mesh filter will give you a bigger mouthfeel and more body. 

We hope you enjoy what Peruvian coffee has to offer, and expect to see more of it as global coffee prices increase, and we look to new and improving origins. 

Our Discovery subscription coffee this month is a natural process from Burundi, so if you loved last month’s Gasharu coffee - that one might be worth checking out too! 



The Izuba is sourced through our relationship with the social enterprise Raw Material in Burundi whose goal is to ultimately give producers higher and more stable incomes. Izuba means ‘sun’ in Kirundi, and is an area surrounded by 3 hills. Each volume of fresh picked cherry is recorded by producer and position on the hillside.  

The natural process takes up to 30 days of drying on raised beds. At the washing station staff are paid around 33% more than the national average salary and producers are paid set prices for ripe and unripe cherry. There are also further payments to producers once coffees are sold at the end of the season. 

The flavour notes for this coffee are: Strawberry, Pomegranate & Sherbet - and that fruit sherbet note really hits you when smelling the fresh grounds. Once brewed this takes on a super sweet and sparkling texture. Using a pour-over method is particularly well matched to this coffee. We regularly use a v60 with paper filters to really highlight the pleasant acidity and delicacy of the floral fruit flavour. Its a fresh hit of pick n mix and sweet shop memories! 

If this coffee sounds too wild and fruity, our Traditional coffee this month is a bold, heavy sugary and nutty Peruvian coffee, which you could also check out. 

As always, get in touch with any feedback or questions, and do check out our brew guides if you need help getting started. 




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