Coffee with ice cream is a match made in heaven. The bold, robust flavours of coffee perfectly complement the creamy, sweet richness of ice cream.

But creating the perfect coffee ice cream is more than just mixing coffee and ice cream together. In this article, we cover the art of creating the perfect coffee ice cream and much more. 


The Art of Coffee Ice Cream

The art of making coffee ice cream begins with the selection of coffee. The coffee’s quality and flavour profile will significantly influence the final product.

At Rave Coffee, we recommend using a coffee with a strong, robust flavour profile to create a delightful contrast with the creaminess of the ice cream.


The Science Behind the Creaminess

The creaminess of coffee ice cream is not just about the cream -  it's about the science of ice cream making. Ice cream is essentially a frozen emulsion -  a mixture of fat, water, and air. 

The key to a creamy ice cream lies in the balance of these three components. Too much water and the ice cream will be icy, but too much fat and the ice cream will be too heavy. The right balance creates a smooth, creamy texture that is just right.


The Italian Affogato Inspiration

The Italian Affogato is a classic dessert that perfectly embodies the magic of coffee and ice cream. Affagato translates directly as ‘drowned’ in coffee - what’s not to love?  

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create this classic Italian dessert at home:

1 Prepare the Espresso: Using your favourite coffee from Rave Coffee, brew a shot of espresso. Remember, the quality of the espresso is crucial to the final taste of your Italian Affogato, so be sure to use freshly ground coffee and the correct brewing technique.

2 Serve the Ice Cream: Place a scoop of your favourite vanilla ice cream in a dessert glass or bowl. While vanilla is the traditional choice for an Italian Affogato, feel free to experiment with other flavours like caramel or hazelnut for a unique twist.

3 Drown with Espresso: Once your espresso is ready, immediately pour it over the ice cream. The hot espresso will begin to melt the ice cream, creating a creamy, coffee-infused sauce.

4 Serve Immediately: The Italian Affogato is best enjoyed immediately, while the espresso is still hot and the ice cream is just beginning to melt.

The choice of coffee is crucial. At Rave Coffee, we recommend using a high-quality espresso with a robust flavour profile. The intensity of the espresso not only complements the sweetness of the ice cream but also adds depth and complexity to the dessert.


Conclusion: The Magic of Coffee and Ice Cream

The magic of coffee and ice cream lies in the extraordinary flavours and textures they create. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or an ice cream enthusiast, coffee and ice cream are a pairing to fall in love with. 


Rave Coffee Subscriptions: Your Gateway to the Perfect Coffee and Ice Cream Experience

At Rave Coffee, we understand that the secret to a great coffee and ice cream experience begins with the coffee itself. That's why we offer a range of coffee subscriptions tailored to suit every taste and preference.

Our subscriptions provide you with a steady supply of freshly roasted, high-quality coffee, sourced from some of the best coffee farms around the world. 

Whether you're a fan of the robust flavours of our signature blend, or you prefer the subtle nuances of our single-origin coffees, our subscriptions ensure that you always have the perfect coffee at hand for your coffee and ice cream creations.