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Today I want to talk you through Discovery subscription coffee for August. The coffee this month is going to Buesaco Nariño . It's from the small holders surrounding the town of Buesaco in the district of Nariño.

This is in southern Colombia, close to the Ecuadorian border, and it reaches some crazy heights of up to 2200 meters above sea level. And here, the coffee cherries mature and ripen very slowly, giving the final cup a distinctive red cherry sweetness. A little bit of citrus and also some light caramel as well. So it's a perfect all-day coffee. Whether you're drinking it through a cafeteria or Aeropress, and with espresso, you get a little bit more of that citrus hit and it will stand up to a small amount of milk as well.

As usual, we hope you really like this coffee and we look forward to any feedback that you have.


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Today, I want to talk you through our traditional subscription coffee for August. The coffee is called Lake Toba. It comes from northern Sumatra and Indonesia, and it's the traditional wet whole process coffee.

The small holders come from the surrounding area of the lake, which is the largest crater lake in the world, and the wet process is also called giling basarh. Where the coffee is wet fermented before being dried and hulled.

It gives the un-roasted beans, a unique jade green colour and the coffee taste itself is rich, sweet and a little bit earthy as well. You should expect flavours of almond, liquorice and a little bit of cocoa. And if you wanted to make this coffee in a cafetière, you will get more of that nuttiness, whereas espresso you'll get more of the punch, a bit of citrus and that liquorice note as well.

So as always, we'd love to hear you're feedback on this coffee, and we hope you really like it.


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