Here at Rave we love the great outdoors and there's no reason you can't enjoy an amazing coffee when you're out and about! We've put together our 5 top tips for brewing a killer coffee outdoors.


1. AeroPress Coffee Maker

The humble AeroPress is one of the most portable and versatile pieces of coffee brewing equipment around. Its packability and ease of cleaning makes it our first choice when brewing on the go. You can experiment with your recipe, but if you're after a starting point check out our brew guide for AeroPress here!

 Aeropress coffee maker

2. Pre-boil your water and store in a thermal flask

Boiling water on a gas stove outdoors requires extra equipment and can be very time consuming, particularly in windy conditions! We recommend using a Thermos style flask and pre-boiling the water at home, that way you can spend more time enjoying your brew. Alternatively we recommend getting a Jetboil gas stove, these boil water much more efficiently than standard portable stoves.

 Thermal flask, Aeropress, Timemore c2 grinder


3. Manual Grinders for ultimate freshness

Manual grinders, such as the Timemore C2, are perfect for grinding your beans both fresh on the go and at home. Plus, it can be very therapeutic grinding your beans next to your favourite waterside spot.

 Timemore c2 manual coffee grinder

4. Pre-weigh and grind at home

Packing light? Preparation is key. To still get an accurate dose, weigh your coffee at home with scales and then store in a small Tupperware container so you can pour it straight in, knowing you’ve got the perfect amount.

Tiamo Coffee scales  

5. Keep the heat in

No one likes it when their coffee goes cold. Using a cup with a lid, such as a KeepCup, or an insulated travel mug will help your brew from going cold before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it!

Rave keepcup

Get out there this weekend and be sure to show us your outdoor brewing on socials!

Love outdoor brewing? Check out our latest video series 'Brew with a View'.

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