How to use your cardboard VR headset

Before you can use your cardboard headset, you’ll need to set it up. This is completed in 3 simple steps.
1. When you first get your cardboard headset, slide the headset out of the sleeve.
2. Push down the faceplate and pop into the slots.
3. Swing the nose decider into place.

Prepare your phone with the VR experience.
1. Make sure you toggle the orientation lock to Off.
2. Ensure your volume is turned on.
3. Ensure motion control is enabled.

Launch your VR experience.
1. Scan the VR code on the bag label and follow the link to load the content on your mobile device.
2. I you didn’t follow the ‘orientation lock’ and ‘motion control’ steps above, you should be prompted to ‘Allow’ both when trying to view the content for the first time on your device.
3. Place your phone on the VR headset and secure with the velcro lock.
4. Enjoy exploring our exclusive VR experiences.