Brazil - Sitio Laranjal

Alfredo Mengali's farm Sitio Laranjal is part of a valley inhabited by Italian descendants which we
call 'Vale dos Italianos'. They are part of FAF’s sustainability project and that work together with the producers on fieldwork, picking and processing in order to improve quality.

Producer - Alfredo Mengali together with FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza)
Lot size - 51 bags
Harvest - July 2013
Origin - Caconde, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Municipality - Divinolandia, São Paulo
Growing conditions - 1100 m.a.s.l. No shade trees.
Farm size -  NA (small)
Botanical variety - Catuai, obata and small amounts of Ruby.

Process - The cherries are picked at the farm, and then processed at FAF. This coffee is “naturally
processed” and is the classic Brazilian way of drying coffee. Normally the process gives you a sweeter
coffee because of sugar migration from the pulp into the beans. The coffees are picked when evenly
ripe, and hand sorted for over- under ripe cherries. Before dried on patio or drying tables. Drying
takes about 14-20 days. They continue picking out all the defected coffee cherries they can find
during this period. Since they at FAF are drying the coffee very slowly and are also sorting out all the
defects while cheriies are dried this coffee is very clean. To ensure freshness the green coffee is
packed and shipped in Grain pro bags.




Image courtesy of Nordic Approach

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