How do I claim the 20% off first orders discount?

After adding everything you wish to purchase to your cart click checkout and you will be able to add the promo code there. Please be aware that you will have to spend £25 after the discount is applied to still receive free shipping. Also this is only for roasted and green coffee.

I received the 20% off first orders email after I placed my first order, can I get the discount refunded?

This discount is given to new newsletter subscribers and usually comes as a pop up on your first visit to the site. If you received this email after placing your first order we can't refund you the difference as our system doesn't allow us to but you can still use the 20% off code for your next order.

I just received a promotional discount email. Can I add this on to the order I made earlier today or the day before?

Unfortunately we can't do this, our system doesn't let us back date discounts.

I've just received a promotional discount email but the code doesn't work.

With our discounts we usually run them for twenty four hours from midnight but we send out the email with the code on before hand so people know about the upcoming promotion. Do check the email and if it still doesn't work please contact us.

Can I use free shipping and a discount code?

Yes! But to qualify for free shipping you have to spend over £25 after the discount has been applied.

Postage and Shipping

When should I expect my coffee order to arrive?

The cut off for each day is 8am. If you order before this your order will be processed, coffee roasted and order sent out to you same day. If you order after 8am, your order will be processed, coffee roasted and order sent out to you the next day. We only roast and send out coffee Monday to Friday so if you order after 8am on Friday your order won't be processed until the following Monday.

I need my coffee tomorrow!

The only way to guarantee this is to order before 8am and use Parcelforce 24 hour tracked delivery.

I haven't received my coffee.

If you have ordered your coffee using second class shipping it can take up to five working days to arrive with Royal Mail. First class can take up to three. If you still haven't received your coffee or a calling card, still check your local sorting office as if it is there it will be kept for two weeks before being sent back to us.

Which services do you use for postage?

We use Royal Mail standard first and second class postage for all orders under three kilos in weight. This is an untracked service. We have the option for you to use Parcelforce 24hr tracked delivery. Some orders over three kilos may be sent parcelforce should we choose to.

I live outside the UK- can I still order from you?

Yes! Our postage rates are correct up to 1.9 kilos, if you wish to order more than that please contact us direct for postage quotes. If you put over two kilos in you basket we have overpriced the postage and asked people to contact us for a precise quote.

Website Info

How do I remove items from my basket?

If you go to the cart button in the top right corner, then press edit cart then click remove on each item.

In checkout it says that by purchasing from Rave Coffee my information will be shared with the US- what is this about?

We use Shopify to host our website. All of the Shopify data centres are located in the United States. When a customer proceeds through checkout, the information is transferred to these data centres for processing. All previous orders from the beginning of 2016 will have had their information shared. (This is the same as if you own any Apple products or use most large American websites).

No one has replied to my email?

Our inbox is manned working hours Monday to Friday. Usually we get the most emails around promotion days and are therefore very busy. Please wait 48 hours for a response before sending another email.


I ordered a gift subscription as a present, how does this work and what will they receive?

The gift subscription code is sent to you in an email. The recipient will need this to claim their gift subscription using this code so you can forward the email or write down the code in a card (make sure to do it correctly though!). It allows them to tell us their shipping address, if they want it ground or as beans or other information you might not know. They won't receive their first bag of coffee until they have claimed their code, the order will be processed same day and the coffee will be roasted and sent out the next day after redeeming it.

Can I pick which coffees I want for my subscription?

Unfortunately no, for our roaster's choice subscription, our head roaster selects a speciality single origin coffee each month for the subscription coffee. We do offer a recurring subscription for some of our blends where you can get the same coffee sent to you at regular intervals (from every week to every twelve weeks), but this is only available on the same blend being sent every time.

Can I order a gift subscription and things for myself?

Yes the gift subscription is a code and doesn't get sent out until the recipient redeems it. Any other items will be sent to you in the regular fashion.

Can I get a physical gift card to give to the recipient?

No for fraudulent reasons we cannot see the code through our software and therefore can't send them it to redeem. If you want to give your friend something more than an email we have a pdf print out that you can print at home, fill in and give to the recipient with all the info on and a space to write a lovely message. You can find it here.

The gift subscription doesn't let me put the address for the person I'm giving it to anywhere?

The gift subscription is only a code and not a physical product and we will get all shipping info needed from the recipient when they redeem the code you've given them.

I've ordered a gift subscription and some coffee for myself (and spent over £25) and can't get free shipping?

The gift subscription is only a code and not a physical product and therefore won't be shipped until it is claimed by the recipient. Because it classed as 'does not need to be shipped' our software doesn't allow for that money to be added towards the £25 for free shipping.

Will the subscription boxes fit through my letterbox?

For some smaller letterboxes the packaging doesn't fit through, if this is the case and you would rather it be sent in a mailing bag then please just add this note to the order. The notes come on every order sheet for that subscription so you don't have to worry about reminding us in the future!

I'm claiming my gift subscription- why do you need my card details?

This is a verification we need to use the software ReCharge which creates recurring orders. There will be no charge to your card unless you make a purchase. It allows you to make an account so that you can change the grind, frequency, address etc. The only time you will be charged is if you add extra bags of coffee to your order or if you continue your subscription after your gift ends. Without doing this we cannot guarantee changes can be made to your subscription in the future.

Can I change my subscription frequency/ address/grind etc.?

Yes. In any email communication there will a link for you to manage your subscription. If you set up a gift subscription without an account (see above) you will not be able to change your details. For gift subscription see above about card details.


How long should I rest my coffee for?

If you are using a filter method to brew your coffee you should be waiting around five days after roasting and for espresso around ten to twelve days. The roast date can be found on white label on the bottom of 250g and 350g bags and on the back on kilo bags. We recommend resting your coffee as it gives all the volatile compounds time to settle down and for the carbon dioxide to gas off.

How should I store my coffee?

We recommend storing in a cool, dark place away from excessive heat. A kitchen cupboard or pantry works fine. The main killers are exposure to air and moisture, so avoid the fridge.

Should I store coffee in the freezer?

Some people do this and say it has no effect but we personally don't use this method as it changes the cell structure in the beans when the moisture freezes and defrosts. If you have a commercial grade grinder suitable for single dosing I.e. EK43, there may be some merit to grinding from frozen due to shatter patterns and particle distribution, we feel it's best to keep it out of the freezer unless you're a scientist

My coffee tastes sour/very bitter.

This could be down to your extraction. Please see our brew guides for our recommended extraction.

What do you call a dark roast?

This varies from roastery to roastery. We call a coffee a 'dark roast' when we roast it up to the first snaps of second crack in the pan. Our dark roasts will never be as dark as some of the ones you may find in the supermarket.

My coffee beans looks lighter than I expected.

The Loring roaster we use roasts in a near zero oxygen environment with a mix of convection and conduction (primarily convection) which allows us to roast the beans from the inside out. This means the colour of the beans is not based on the contact of the bean to the inside of the drum. To get a true indication of the roast level, grind a small sample.

Can I get samples?

Unfortunately, we don't offer samples.

I've ordered a kilo, can you split this into 250g bags please?

We don't offer this service due to the discount we offer on kilos. We do sell black zip lock bags with valves for a small fee on our website so you can order a few and split up your kilo yourself.


Do you offer gift wrap?

We now offer a Rave Coffee tote bag instead of gift wrap, we felt this was a extra gift! We can still attach a gift tag with custom gift message! Please type what you would like in the gift message box although do be careful of typos as we have to copy and paste it exactly how it is (incase it is a private joke or something!). You can add this at checkout.

Can I make sure no pricing information goes on an invoice as it is a gift being shipped to the recipient?

All our invoices have pricing on but if you would rather us leave out the invoice or trim off the pricing part please just leave a note in the customer message box when you are checking out.