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Signature Blend

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Our Signature 'House' Blend, designed to be delicious however you brew! 

Select Bag size 250g or 1KG  or available as Nespresso compatible pod*




Intensity: 3

1 x Box = 10 Coffee Capsules

Rave pods fully compostable including the pod, lid and protective bag which are produced using corn starch material. The 100% compostable capsules will be broken down in approximately 90 days through the use of natural heat to become compost. Place in your local authority food-waste collection bin.

* Coffee pods are compatible with all domestic drop through Nespresso® machines excluding professional and ‘built-in’ models. 

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Product Information

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Medium/Dark - Roasted past the end of first crack but still shy of second crack. A dependable medium leaning towards the dark side.

In The Cup

Caramel, Almond, Chocolate

Espresso - Sweet and well balanced with hints of nuts. Hints of citrus as it cools.

Double Shot Flat White or Piccolo - This is where Signature shines! Use whole milk and you will be rewarded with a smooth and full bodied coffee with caramel and chocolate undertones and a lingering aftertaste. If your extraction is good look out for the Almonds!

Black Filter / Cupping - Rich acidity and medium body. Caramel flavours with a hint of nuts. A great all day drinking coffee.

Smooth and balanced, this blend carries chocolate, caramel, almond, hazelnut and gentle citrus notes

Espresso (20g VST)
20.5g in
42g out
in 27 to 32 seconds