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Compostable Coffee Pods

Freshly roasted and 100% compostable, biodegradable coffee capsules.

Coffee pods get a bad rap. And rightly. Most of them are about as fresh as a crap old shoe. But here at Rave, we freshly roast and grind all our coffee and pack it into pods within minutes of roasting, right here in our roastery. So next time someone tells you that serious coffee can’t be quick and easy, tell them to pod off.

Frequently asked questions

What are the compostable Nespresso compatible pods made from?
RAVE’s pods and lids are made from compostable, bio-based, cornstarch materials so are 100% Compostable and Biodegradable. The 100% compostable coffee capsules will be broken down in approximately 90 days through the use of natural heat to turn the Nespresso compatible coffee pod into compost
How do I dispose of compostable coffee pods?
You can place your pods in the local council green food waste composting bin. Industrial composting reach the right conditions in order to break down the pods. A home compost, unless it is perfectly managed, may not reach the correct conditions to compost the pods in 90 days.
Why should I try third party Nespresso pods?
Nespresso won’t tell you this but there’s no real science to creating great tasting coffee in a capsule. Firstly, Rave’s pods are compostable so no need to ask Nespresso to come and collect your used pods which is obviously much better for the environment.
What coffee machine do these fit in?
Our pods work perfectly in Nespresso compatible machines excluding professional, built in models and the new Vertuo machines. There are other coffee pod machines on the market, like Dolce Gusto, but our coffee pods will only work in Nespresso machines.
Are these compostable capsules? How can I compost them?
You can just put the used capsules in your food waste caddy for your local authority. You can also put the pods into your home compost bin however we cannot guarantee they will break down fully if composting temperatures are not achieved. (Commercial composts are managed to achieve the required temperatures needed for decomposition)
Is this coffee the same as espresso?
The Espresso purist will say that only an espresso can be an espresso. But the process of making a coffee using a pod machine makes a delicious shot of coffee (with an espresso style ‘crema’) which is an espresso in all but name!
Can I get the Nespresso pods as a subscription?
You can get our Nespresso compatible pods as a subscription so you never need to run out of coffee again! What’s more you’ll be safe in the knowledge that our pods are fully compostable so no more problems with recycling or worrying about the environment.