Trying to find a present for the coffee lover in your life but feeling stumped on ideas? With so many coffee gifts out there, it can be tricky to choose. This guide covers unique and creative gift ideas to delight any coffee connoisseur.

From coffee brewing kits and barista accessories to coffee experiences and subscriptions, we’ve got you covered on the best presents for all types of coffee fans.

Coffee Brewing Kits

A coffee brewing kit makes a fantastic gift for the coffee enthusiast who loves the brewing process. You can consider various setups to match your giftee’s coffee style:

Pour Over

For the meticulous coffee artist, a pour-over kit is like a blank canvas. Choose a dripper like a V60 or Chemex and pair it with a digital coffee scale for precise measurement and a thermometer for optimal brewing temperature.


The Aeropress is their perfect match if your giftee craves speed and convenience without sacrificing quality. Aeropress kits typically include the versatile brewer itself, a reusable filter and a scoop for measuring grounds.

This compact powerhouse can brew espresso-like shots or smooth, full-bodied cups, making it a versatile choice for the adventurous coffee lover.

Cold Brew

A cold brew kit is the ultimate gift for the iced coffee aficionado. Look for options that include a reusable cold brew maker or a pitcher with a built-in filter. Throw in some coarsely ground coffee and a recipe guide so they can brew their own smooth, cold brew concentrate at home.

Pro tip: Rave’s coffee brewing kits include a brew guide to teach novices the basics and help the pros finetune their techniques.

Coffee Grinder Selections

Serious coffee drinkers know that a quality burr coffee grinder is essential for achieving cafe-quality brews at home. Consider their brewing habits - do they need a grinder that can handle espresso fine grinding or manual brew coarse grinding? Baratza's Encore Electronic Espresso grinder with its 40 settings suits both styles.

Alternatively, why opt for a brushed stainless steel hand grinder by Timemore for a stylish manual option.

Gourmet Coffee Samplers and Coffee Subscriptions

Treat their taste buds to a coffee taster pack featuring samples of different premium beans, roasts and flavours, like fruit, chocolate and nuts. Remember to pick coffee that suits their preferred brewing style, including filter and espresso.

Alternatively, consider a coffee subscription to lengthen the experience. Your giftee will receive new bags of artisan roasted coffee beans every month, plus additional literature to learn all about each month’s particular coffee.

Coffee Tastings and Workshops

For the coffee lover who craves more than just a perfect cup, consider gifting an experience that unlocks a deeper appreciation for the bean. Coffee workshops and tasting sessions offer a chance to learn, explore and connect with the world of coffee in unique and unforgettable ways.

These immersive experiences are hosted by trained baristas and coffee educators. Participants can tour roasteries, learn brewing techniques and expand their coffee knowledge through guided tastings of diverse origins and varieties.

Make sure to choose a class that suits their skill level – introductory courses are perfect for beginners, while advanced workshops cater to seasoned coffee drinkers.

Make Them Rave About Their Coffee Present

With so many unique and indulgent gifts to choose from, finding the perfect present for the coffee-obsessed has never been easier or more fun. It’s truly possible to match any coffee lover with a gift that speaks to their specific interests and passions.

At Rave Coffee, we offer a wide selection of coffee gifts, from brewing kits and equipment to coffee subscriptions. Discover our range of monthly deliveries, coffee club memberships and more speciality presents to delight your special person.