Finding a unique gift for the coffee lover who seems to already have it all can be a challenge. But with so many creative and indulgent coffee gifts available, you can definitely find something special to delight them this Christmas.

From festive coffee blends to coffee-making equipment they don’t own (yet), we’ve rounded up some of the most unique coffee gifts that will impress any coffee connoisseur.

Coffee of the Month Club

A monthly coffee subscription is a foolproof gift. Fresh specialty coffee is delivered to them each month - sometimes along with coffee brewing accessories, snacks, guides or magazines. Who said every month can’t feel like Christmas?

Rave’s Coffee Subscription

Rave’s coffee subscription service can take anyone’s coffee obsession to new heights. We deliver exclusive, single-origin, expertly roasted specialty coffees, plus our monthly brewing and tasting tips that will dial up your expertise with each delivery.

Rave is committed to ethical practices, and our subscription focuses on providing an enriching educational journey for coffee lovers. Add a personal note and wrapping for flair, and you’re all set to gift it to the coffee fanatic in your life.

Next Level Coffee Making Kit

For the coffee aficionado who already has all the basics covered, upgrade their brewing setup with a next level coffee making kit. For example, the AeroPress brewer comes with everything needed to craft barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Just add your freshly ground beans to the chamber, pour over hot water, gently press the plunger, and voila! Not only does it make brews in under a minute, but it's also portable and easy to clean. Plus, more experienced baristas can experiment with grind size, water temperature, steep times, and more, giving them a wide spectrum to find that perfect caffeine boost.

Cold Brew Coffee Kit

Does your giftee love iced coffee even in the depths of winter? A premium cold brew kit will be their new favourite thing. Opt for a high-quality glass carafe with a reusable filter and a bag of specialty cold brew coffee beans. You can also include fun extras like drinking straws, reusable cups, or flavourings like vanilla syrup or chocolate to add after brewing.

They’ll be all set to craft a smooth, naturally sweet cold brew at home to enjoy chilled or over ice any time of day.

Unique Coffee Accessories

For those who have coffee equipment for days, unique brewing accessories can make fun and functional gifts. Look out for accessories like durable, specialised brewing tools, custom mugs, and more.

Timemore manual grinder

This manual grinder is perfect for turning coffee beans into exceptional grounds. The dual bearings ensure a consistent grind size - ideal for AeroPress, pour-over, and other popular filter brew methods.

The Timemore manual grinder features a durable aluminium casing with PCTG plastic inside, along with CNC stainless steel grinding blades. The sleek gunmetal grey finish gives it a stylish look perfect for any countertop.

Rave Coffee's Festive Coffee Gift Sets

From coffee subscriptions to brewing equipment upgrades, these unique gifts are sure to impress.

At Rave Coffee, we offer a variety of coffee and coffee-related products that make unique Christmas presents for all types of coffee lovers. Explore our coffee gift sets focused on different brewing devices like the AeroPress or WACACO espresso makers. If you’re still unsure, remember that you can never go wrong with a coffee subscription.

Shop our range of coffee gifts today to find your loved one the perfect coffee present this Christmas!


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