June’s Traditional subscription coffee is a bit of a departure from what we usually send. This month you will be receiving a natural processed coffee from Gasharu in Rwanda. We normally stick to washed coffees, however, there is no reason why the ‘natural process’ shouldn’t be considered traditional too. 

 In fact, this process showcases the coffee in what some would argue was its more ‘natural’ state. It involves less water and mechanical intervention. And is a more accessible option for remote farmers with little access to fresh water. 

The process involves the freshly picked cherries being left to dry in the sun for up to 30 days before the fruit skin and pulp is removed. They shrivel up like raisins, and there is a controlled fermentation that happens within the skins. What we are left with is a coffee that is fruity, sweet and rounded. 

This coffee is still darkly roasted, so you will notice the usual level of body and texture you would expect from your subscription coffee. 

 The flavour notes for this coffee are: Dates, Cherry Jam & Dark Chocolate.

 This is a very easy coffee to brew with, and has been a favourite in our office filter machine. Its got enough interesting notes to please the coffee geeks but can take milk, and non-dairy options well too. 

 If you enjoy the fruit notes in this coffee, and want to explore more, I would recommend trying out our discovery subscription as well! This month is a lighter roasted Kenyan coffee. 

 Please get in touch with your thoughts or questions, and check out our brew guides for more detail on those brew ratios!


It’s been exactly a year since the last Kenyan coffee featured on our Discovery subscription, and this year we have sourced for the first time through a B-Corp social enterprise called VAVA coffee. The coffee is named Chepnorio after the co-operative in which its produced, but it is VAVA who find speciality markets for export. 

 Much like the Rwandan coffee you had last month, this coffee is also grown on individual smallholdings and then delivered to a centralised mill for processing. Kenyan coffees are renowned for distinctive flavour profiles and high acidity, and the Chepnorio is no exception. The flavour notes for this coffee are: Apricot, Blood Orange  & Light Caramel. 

 This coffee works particularly well when brewed with a V60, or other pour-over style such as Chemex. These highlight the delicate fruit notes and aromatics. A cafetière will make those fruit notes sweeter, heavier and richer. Whilst this coffee can take a dash of milk, we would always recommend trying it black first - you might be surprised! 

 If you’re missing your Rwandan fix, this month’s traditional subscription is a natural process from Gasharu, roasted with more punch and better suited to something milky. 

 As always, get in touch with any feedback or questions, and do check out our brew guides if you need help getting started.