Our August Traditional subscription coffee comes from one of our longer standing relationships with the U Tani Gayo Co-operative in Aceh, Indonesia. 

The Co-op is working to empower young producers in rural areas and thereby ensuring the longevity of speciality coffee in the region. Unique to Indonesia, this coffee is wet-hulled following picking. This process produces a coffee with a higher moisture content, which in turn, involves careful and considered roasting. The results are typically big and bold! Think dark chocolate, dark stewed fruits, and a long finish in the cup.

Our flavour notes for this coffee are: Dark chocolate, Black cherry & Earthy spice

This coffee is well known to us, and features in our Signature blend. Its distinctive flavour adds a depth and complexity that makes it great for espresso and after dinner coffee. If you make espresso, we recommend reducing the  dose  slightly as this coffee has a rich body and heavy mouthfeel, so you won’t need quite as much coffee per cup.



Our August Discovery subscription coffee is from producers in Espíndola and Quilanga in the Loja province of Ecuador. Its been a few years since we had any coffee from this lesser known speciality coffee origin - the country produces a lot less coffee than its neighbours Colombia and Peru. 

But the conditions here can be exceptional - with eye watering altitudes, good soil, and reliably warm climate. The coffees are typically very sweet, with rich fruit flavour and medium acidity. 

Our tasting notes for this coffee are: Milk chocolate, plum & caramel.
This is a really versatile coffee that works well in every brew method we’ve tried so far. To emphasise the rounded sugary sweetness we would recommend a cafetière or AeroPress, but if you want to coax out those fruit notes and some florals - try a V60 or other pour over method. 

If you like to add milk to your coffee, go sparingly, as there are subtleties in this coffee that you don’t want to drown out. 

If a heavier, darker coffee is more your thing, you could try our Traditional subscription which this month is wet-hulled coffee from Indonesia - this one will pack a punch even through lots of milk! 
We hope you enjoy what Indonesian coffee and its unique processing has to offer. If you enjoyed the delicacy of last month’s coffee from Rwanda - you might like our Discovery coffee this month which comes from a lesser known speciality origin - Ecuador.