The AeroPress is a revolutionary brewing device that has transformed the way people make coffee. Their latest innovation, the clear plastic Aeropress, allows users to see exactly what’s happening inside their brew while they craft their perfect cup of coffee.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the new AeroPress coffee maker and explore some of the benefits that come with using this new product.


An Overview of AeroPress Coffee Makers

AeroPress coffee makers are some of the most popular and easy-to-use brewing devices in the coffee world. Using a paper filter, they work by forcing hot water through ground coffee beans, steeped to your desired strength for one cup.

After a considerable hiatus, they have introduced the all-new crystal clear plastic AeroPress. This remarkable development has generated significant demand among coffee enthusiasts, making it a highly sought-after coffee maker.

The Aeropress New Coffee Maker

The new AeroPress, aptly named the AeroPress Clear, uses the same patented brewing technology as its predecessor and is crafted from a clear, robust plastic known as Tritan. This allows coffee lovers to have a clear view of the brewing process and watch as their cup of coffee is prepared.

AeroPress coffee makers come with an easy-to-read instruction manual and a scoop to measure coffee grounds for each cup. Its portable design is also completely dishwasher safe, making it even easier to clean.


The Benefits of the AeroPress Clear

The innovative brewing device offers numerous benefits, such as:

Increased Accuracy: As already mentioned, watching the coffee grounds bloom can help you accurately determine when to stop your brew. This will ensure a more consistent cup of coffee each and every time.

Easy Cleaning: The AeroPress Clear is easy to disassemble and clean. Since the plastic is clear, it's easier to identify any residue that may have been left behind after brewing.

Durable: The AeroPress Clear is made from robust plastic that is built to last and designed for daily usage.


Comparison with Original AeroPress

The new iconic coffee press is almost identical to the original black version. It has the same overall design, dimensions, and even brews using the same method. However, the major difference is that it's made from a strong and transparent plastic, making it just as durable as its predecessor.

Therefore, if you are looking for a premium brewing experience that is easy to use, then either of the Aeropress models will stand you in good stead. 


Brew Tips for AeroPress Clear

There are a few tips that you should consider when using your new AeroPress Clear to get the best brewing results.

Grind: Make sure you use a medium to fine grind for your coffee beans, as this will ensure that all of the flavours are extracted from your grounds.

Freshness: Always use freshly roasted coffee beans, as old grounds can produce a bitter cup of coffee.

Pressure: When using the AeroPress, it's important to apply a gentle and consistent pressure when pressing the plunger. Overpressing can easily spoil your brew.

Temperature: Make sure you wait for your water to cool down slightly before brewing, as too hot water can lead to an unpalatable cup of coffee.

Brew Time: Aim for a brew time of 1 minute to get the perfect cup of coffee.

Filter: Use an AeroPress paper filter for optimal results.You can experiment using 2 paper filter, or try the reusable metal filters that allow more coffee oils through and into your cup

Cleanliness: Be sure to clean your AeroPress Clear and its components after each use for maximum efficiency and flavour.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee from your AeroPress Clear every time.

Reviews and Reception

The new AeroPress has been met with enthusiasm in the coffee community. Many users have praised the affordable press for its innovative design and functionality, while others appreciate the convenience of being able to watch their brew as it is made, making it a highly sought after coffee press.

Future Aeropress Coffee Maker Products

The AeroPress Clear is just the beginning of a range of new brewing innovations from AeroPress. The company is planning to launch more innovative products, including the AeroPress XL, which is twice the volume of the existing AeroPress, and a premium AeroPress made out of glass and metal, which is sure to be a hit with coffee enthusiasts.


Overall, the new AeroPress offers an easy-to-use design that makes it an attractive option for those who are looking for a simple and convenient way to brew great coffee. With the same patented breakthrough technology as the AeroPress Original and its clear plastic design, the AeroPress Clear is sure not to disappoint.

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