Are you trying to decide between purchasing a Blend or one of our many unique Single Origins?  Confused by the difference?


We purchase ‘Single Origin’ coffee from various countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and even China and Indonesia.  These coffees are not blended with any other origin.  They are unique and have a wide array of interesting tasting notes, you should be able to clearly taste the character and difference between each origin and processing method.  However, most of our single origin coffee is seasonal making them limited edition. 

At RAVE we tend to roast these lighter to preserve the character, some of the lighter roasts can be delicate and more tea like, others are roasted darker for depth of flavour. There’s lots to explore.


RAVE creates blends by mixing different single-origin coffees which gives a more complex flavour than a single estate alone. By blending these we can create coffees that are roasted to be rich and delicious, balanced, and full flavoured. They all work well as espresso or filter brew.

Blends tend to be roasted darker and are available all year-round. Several of our blends were created with wholesale customers in mind, take our ‘Signature Blend,’ it's a classic blend roasted medium/dark with a chocolatey taste and hints of nut & caramel. A great all rounder.

For those that prefer a more continental style of roast we created The Italian Job Blend, one of our darker roasts which is rich and bold, suited for those of you who like the rich cocoa taste with a hint of nut.

RAVE has approximately 8 coffee blends on it’s offering - all with different tasting notes and roast levels so do check them out.


Either way, the coffee you get with RAVE is going to be amazing, interesting & freshly roasted.  We encourage you to try out our Blends and Single Origins to see the difference for yourself.

Why Wait?

Here at Rave Coffee, we make exploring exquisite specialty coffee utterly convenient. Our coffee beans are fresh-roasted in small batches weekly then delivered direct to your door so you can experience maximum flavor and aroma.

Our online shop lets you browse dozens of single origin and signature blended options - peruse by roast style, tasting notes or caffeine kick to match your tastes.

We provide bean profiles, brew tips and coffee subscription options so you get the most from each bag.