Coffee is the vital fuel that keeps many office workers going throughout their workday. But drinking the same old, weak, bitter brew from the corner coffee maker day after day can dampen company morale.

Providing your office with high-quality coffee demonstrates that you want your team to enjoy their time in the workplace while remaining energised and focused. Various coffee solutions are available to elevate your office coffee:

1. Premium Coffee Equipment

Investing in premium coffee equipment will make your employees sit up and smell the coffee. From single-serve to pour-over setups, here are some top-notch machine options for the workplace:

  • Single-serve coffee makers that use Keurig or Nespresso coffee pods allow employees to prepare coffee drinks suited to their tastes quickly. You can get bulk deals on coffee capsules for medium and large offices to take advantage of.

  • Fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines grind whole beans and deliver barista-style beverages like cappuccinos and lattes at the push of a button. Pair your machine with stylish cups to create an authentic cafe experience.

  • Manual pour-over equipment like V60 coffee makers produce smooth, clean-tasting coffee perfect for workplaces. Keep pour-over stations stocked with kettles, grinders, filters and scales so employees can get creative and brew speciality coffee their way.

2. Buying Quality Coffee in Bulk

Where will your premium coffee equipment and setup be without plenty of fresh, high-quality coffee? Buying coffee in bulk directly from speciality roasters can help cut costs while keeping your brews tasting their best.

Pro tip: opt for whole bean coffee where possible and grind beans as needed to maximise freshness and flavour. Many coffee roasters also offer monthly office coffee subscriptions or standing wholesale orders to simplify office coffee supply.

3. Coffee Compatible Snacks

Offering treats alongside office coffee helps boost energy levels while also facilitating social time. Keep kitchen counters and fridges stocked with coffee’s best food pairings, such as fresh baked goods, chocolates, nuts and dried fruits.

4. Cold Brew Coffee

A coffee option gaining popularity is cold brew , which tastes delicious poured over ice. Dedicate some fridge space to a couple of cold brew jugs filled with coffee concentrate for easy self-serve. Supply some reusable straws for an eco-friendly option.

5. Office Coffee Subscriptions

Corporate coffee subscription plans offer the ultimate office coffee solution. By signing up to a coffee subscription, offices can schedule regular deliveries of their chosen coffee products.

With a range of subscription packages available, it takes the pressure off managers to sort a constant supply of office coffee.

Rave Coffee's Office Solutions

With so many equipment, beans, and coffee subscription options, choosing an office coffee setup has never been simpler. Treat your team to delicious artisan coffee with pour-overs and cold brew, or offer them barista-style drinks on demand with a bean-to-cup or capsule coffee machine.

At Rave Coffee, our wholesale coffee beans UK come in a variety of origins and signature blends to suit the needs of any office. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with Rave as your trusted wholesale coffee bean supplier!


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