As any AeroPress enthusiast knows, using the ideal grind size is essential for extracting the full flavour potential from your beans. But with so many grind settings to choose from, how do you determine the best grind for AeroPress coffee?

This guide covers everything from grinder types and grind size comparisons to brewing tips and recommended grinders to help you master the perfect AeroPress grind.

Why Your AeroPress Grind Matters

Grind size significantly impacts the AeroPress brewing process, including:

  • Flavour extraction - A finer grind exposes more coffee ground surface area to hot water for full-bodied flavour, while coarser grinds extract less.

  • Total brew time - Finer grinds delay the flow through the filter, increasing your overall brew time. In contrast, coarser grinds allow for quicker brews.

  • Body and clarity - Finer grinds produce coffee with a thick, creamy body, whereas coarser grinds make lighter, clearer coffee.

  • Efficiency - The right grind allows the coffee grounds to properly absorb water. If the grind is too fine, it can lead to clogging, while a grind that’s too coarse causes under extraction.

Comparing AeroPress Grind Sizes

While AeroPress creator Alan Adler recommends a fine grind, many users find slight adjustments make a big difference. Here's how popular AeroPress grind sizes compare:

Grind Size


Fine espresso

  • Similar to espresso grind, the smallest grind size.

  • Creates substantial resistance that slows flow and increases extraction.

  • High body and flavour intensity.


  • Finer than drip grind but not as fine as espresso.

  • Provides increased extraction compared to medium grinds.

  • Rich flavour and creamy mouthfeel.


  • Larger than salt grains but smaller than table salt crystals.

  • Allows for good flavour extraction while maintaining steady flow.

  • A popular all-purpose choice.


  • Texture is like coarse sand.

  • Prevents clogging or bypass issues.

  • Reduces brew time and leads to lighter, clearer coffee with moderate extraction.


  • Similar to French press grind.

  • Faster water flow leads to weak flavour extraction.

  • Best suited for cold brew.

While individual taste preferences vary, we suggest starting with a fine to medium-fine grind and adjusting from there to find your preferred balance of body, taste strength and brew time.

Selecting Your AeroPress Coffee Grinder

Investing in a high-quality coffee grinder ensures you can achieve your desired AeroPress grind profile every time. Here are the top grinder features to look for:

  • Consistency - Even grind size is vital for proper colour and flavour extraction. That’s why quality burr grinders greatly outperform uneven blade grinders.

  • Reliability - Opt for stainless steel burrs and gears as these are more durable and will give you better grind consistency over time.

  • Cleaning - Make sure your grinder is easy to disassemble and clean. This isn’t just for convenience’s sake (which is non-negotiable) - it also lets you enjoy different beans without cross-contamination.

We recommend these AeroPress grinders for the best results:

AeroPress Grinding Tips

Make the most of your coffee-grinding efforts with these expert tips:

  • Grind beans fresh before each brew to maximise flavour and aroma.

  • Clean your grinder regularly to prevent oil buildup and stale grounds.

  • Avoid overheating beans during grinding which can burn flavours.

  • Store beans and ground coffee properly to maintain freshness.

Rave Coffee's AeroPress Range

With the right grinder and some recipe testing, you can easily achieve coffee bliss with your AeroPress. Using a fine to medium grind allows you to balance rich flavour with good flow-through.

Rave Coffee offers a wide selection of coffee gear to help you get the most from your AeroPress, including high-quality manual and electric coffee grinders. We also carry must-have brewing accessories like filters , scoops and replacement parts .

And most importantly, we supply an array of single-origin and blended beans expertly roasted to shine using the AeroPress brew method. Explore our range today!


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