With so many different brew methods available to us and an array of coffee beans from all over the world processed and roasted in different ways - we asked the Rave team what their ‘go to’ coffee and brewing ritual is?


Favourite Coffee: Single origins from Ethiopia (Light roast)

Favourite Brew Method: AeroPress, black coffee 

Top Tips: For the AeroPress, use the inverted method & plunge slowly and stop just as it hisses.


Favourite Coffee: Guatemala Bosques de San Francisco, Natural. (Light roast) 

Favourite Brew Method: v60 or AeroPress depending on how much time I’ve got, but the V60 if I have time.

Top Tips: Grind your own coffee to find the right grind as it can take a while to get it right. Also make sure to time it so you know if you need to go more coarse or fine.


Favourite Coffee: Kenyan coffee (Medium roast)

Favourite Brew Method: Cafetiere at home. Latte from the espresso machine at work. 

Top Tip: Warm your cafetiere & cups before you start brewing. 

Ellie S

Favourite Coffee: Colombia Corozal (Light roast)

Favourite Brew Method: Cafetiere 

Top Tip: If you make more than one cup, decant the coffee otherwise it will continue extracting whilst you drink your first cup! 


Favourite Coffee: Guatemala El Morito (Light roast)

Favourite Brew Method: Cafetiere 

Top Tips: Pour some of the water on, then leave for 4 minutes. Then disturb the crust and pour the rest of the water to the top and leave for another 4 or 5 minutes. 


Favourite Coffee: Guatemala El Morito (Light roast)

Favourite Brew Method: Espresso

Top Tips: Keep your espresso machine clean!

My preferred recipe is: 15g coffee in > 35g espresso out.


Favourite Coffee: Don’t have a specific favourite, but prefer single origins (I love that they all have their own story behind them)

Favourite Brew Method: Drip Pour, black coffee. I like my coffee strong!

Top Tips: Using filtered water makes a huge difference to the overall taste. (Especially if you live in a hard water area!)


Favourite Coffee: Fave so far has been the Mexico Leonide Teran Carrera (Medium roast) Currently drinking Timor Leste Parami, then trying Guatemala El Morito. 

Favourite Brew Method: I have an Espresso machine so tend to make latte’s, but also enjoy Americanos.

Top Tip: For Americano's, always add your espresso shot on top of your hot water so you don’t disturb the crema! 


Favourite Coffee: Colombia VillaMaria Natural (Light roast)

Favourite Brew Method: Espresso machine, straight espresso 

Top Tips: Preferred brew ratio is 1:2. 94 degrees. 10 second pre-infusion. 25 second pour. 


Favourite Coffee: Colombia El Carmen (Medium/dark roast)

Favourite Brew Method: AeroPress

Top Tips: Use two filter papers and wet/rinse them before putting the coffee in. 


Favourite Coffee: Any washed Ethiopian coffees (Light/medium roast)

Favourite Brew Method: v60 

Top Tips: Always rinse your filter paper before brewing as it washes away any papery taste.


Favourite Coffee: Signature Blend or El Carmen (Medium/dark roast)

Favourite Brew Method: V60 drip, but use an auto-drip machine when I can’t be bothered! 

Top Tips: Make sure the coffee to water ratio is correct. Always weigh your coffee and your water for consistency.

Ellie W

Favourite Coffee: Fudge Blend (Medium/dark roast)

Favourite Brew Method: Sage Espresso Machine, oat milk flat white. 

Top Tips: In a Sage machine you can adjust the inner burrs of the grinder (search YouTube for a how-to video) - this will help take the grinds finer. It will make dialling in your espresso much easier as the factory default is quite coarse for speciality coffee.


Favourite Coffee: Guatemala Bosques De San Francisco (Medium roast)

Favourite Brew Method: AeroPress

Top Tips: We often go away in our campervan and always take our AeroPress with us - buy a metal filter so you never have to worry about running out of paper filters.


Favourite Coffee: Signature Blend - for versatility. (Medium /dark roast)

Favourite Brew Method: AeroPress or Espresso 

Top Tips: Make sure your coffee is fresh (but not too fresh). Coffee is best used within a month of roasting after that it will lose flavour. However you should allow your coffee to rest for 7 days after roasting to allow the beans to de gas (it affects the extraction!)