September's traditional subscription coffee is from the Gaia estate in Tanzania. We're really excited to be offering this coffee with a full roast profile. We think that this highlights the inherent sweetness and the aromatics of this coffee. The farm itself has been producing coffee for over 90 years, and it borders a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is encouraging the owners to take good care of their natural environment.

All the coffee is shade grown, so the cherry trees themselves sit under a canopy of indigenous trees, and these protect the cherries from severe temperature fluctuations and close the fruit to slowly mature, making the final cut much sweeter.

This canopy also provides a great habitat for natural wildlife and good soil drainage as well. This is a washed coffee, which makes for a great espresso with the intense fruit sweetness and body, and you should expect to find flavours like dark black fruits and a rich chocolate ganache.

You'll also find that with slower methods like cafeteria and Aeropress, that's going to highlight those really interesting aromatics. As always, let us know how you get on with this coffee and best of luck.


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