Our Traditional subscription coffee for October is from the small holders of the Copan region in Western Honduras, close to the Guatemalan border.

It's common here for smallholders to combine their coffees and have these processed centrally. This improves consistency and the overall quality of the coffee. Flavour wise, this coffee has a classic washed profile, lots of natural sweetness some nuttiness and a low to medium acidity that makes this a great  coffee for a full roast.

The coffee works perfectly as espresso and with milk creates a smooth, balanced drink with lots of sweetness and chocolate notes.  Drunk black you'll notice a punch of cocoa and a pleasant black cherry flavour.

As always, we hope you enjoy the coffee and do let us know what you think.




Our Discovery coffee for October is a one familiar to us here at Rave. The smallholders of Los Machos in Mexico produced coffee for us last year, and with the help of our non-profit export partner  - have been able to further increase the quality of their coffee for us this season! 

The coffee is grown by producers with an average of just one hectare of land each - and these micro lots are combined to create a washed process lot that represents the best coffee of the region. 

Each smallholder is paid for their yield upfront, and then they receive an additional premium based payment for the quality they produce.

This coffee is sweet, balanced and lightly spiced in nature - and this coffee is ideal for slow brewing - a Cafetière, AeroPress or similar immersion brewing will highlight the body and natural nuttiness of this coffee.  Whereas espresso brewing will coax out the spiced notes of vanilla and high quality cocoa. These sorts of flavours are well suited to milk drinks.

As always we hope you enjoy the coffee and let us know what you think.


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