If you take your coffee seriously, you know that having the right brewing equipment can make all the difference in getting your perfect cup. While French presses, pour overs, and espresso machines each have devotees, the AeroPress coffee maker offers something truly unique - convenient, foolproof pressed coffee that brings out smooth, nuanced flavours.

What is the AeroPress?

The AeroPress is a manual coffee press introduced in 2005. Producing exceptionally smooth, flavourful coffee in a fraction of the time required by a French Press, the AeroPress minimises bitterness while maximising the extraction of rich coffee oils.

The brewing process begins by adding finely ground coffee to a cylindrical chamber, followed by hot water. After a brief steeping period, the plunger is used to press the brewed coffee into a waiting cup. This unique method combines immersion brewing and espresso pressing, resulting in a flavourful cup that rivals the output of expensive espresso machines.

Reasons You Should Choose AeroPress

Below are 10 reason why you should buy an AeroPress coffee maker:

1. Quick Brew Times

One of the biggest benefits of the AeroPress is the exceptionally short brew time. From ground to cup, you can brew a complete cup of coffee in about a minute from start to finish. The speedy process makes the AeroPress perfect for a quick morning cup at home before heading out for the day, or for brewing a coffee while travelling or camping.

2. Simple To Clean

One of the most convenient aspects of the AeroPress is how easy it is to clean up when you're done brewing. This device has fewer parts than most manual brewers, and each component quickly comes apart after pressing.

The main cylindrical chamber, cap, plunge, and filter holder can all be taken apart by hand in seconds. And unlike a French press with its glass and metal pieces, everything is made of durable BPA-free plastic that won't break if dropped.

3. Portable & Lightweight

The AeroPress has a slim, cylindrical shape and lightweight build of durable BPA-free plastic. It packs down to about the size of a travel mug or water bottle, so you can easily toss it into your backpack or luggage for on-the-go coffee.

4. Easy To Use

Using an AeroPress coffee maker is remarkably simple. Unlike an espresso machine, the easy, intuitive pressing mechanism makes it beginner-friendly. But there’s still plenty to master for more advanced users who want to geek out (like us!) over the details as they experiment with grind size, water temperature, steep time and other variables.

5. Affordable Price Point

The price tag is relatively affordable for everything you get with the AeroPress, especially when you compare it to the amount you could spend on an expensive machine. The AeroPress typically retails for around £30 to £50, which is exceptional value considering all it can accomplish.

6. Minimal Waste

As an eco-conscious coffee maker, the AeroPress produces very little waste. Unlike pod-based systems, you simply use your fresh coffee beans. And with a reusable stainless steel filter, you eliminate the waste of endless throwaway paper filters adding up in landfills.

7. Perfect Travel Companion

If you travel often, the AeroPress should absolutely be your go-to travel brewer. Its lightweight, spill-proof design makes it ideal for throwing in your luggage wherever you go. Many enthusiasts even purchase a second AeroPress to keep packed for upcoming adventures permanently.

8. Easy to Experiment

One of the joys of AeroPress coffee is that it’s very customisable. As you learn, you can tweak different brewing factors like water temperature, coffee origin and roast, grind size, steep time, and more.

9. Makes Coffee House-Style Coffee

You can use AeroPress to make coffee house-style drinks with the right accessories, like a fine metal filter and electric milk frother. Put your barista skills to the test by making lattes, flat whites, macchiatos and more.

10. Brew Large Batches

While AeroPress is designed to brew a single cup at a time, there’s a handy recipe hack to make larger batches:

  1. Simply brew a standard single amount then stop pressing halfway.

  2. Add more hot water and continue to press.

  3. Repeat as needed to dilute into a full mug or carafe of coffee.

While not quite as concentrated, it’s a quick fix to make enough coffee to share.

Rave Coffee’s AeroPress Solution

With its fast brewing, exceptional flavour, affordable price and supreme portability, the versatile AeroPress coffee maker is a must-have for any coffee lover.

Here at Rave Coffee, we proudly offer a wide range of AeroPress products and AeroPress gift sets perfect for any level of coffee brewing expertise. Our AeroPress bundles come with everything you need to get pressing right away.

See for yourself why coffee enthusiasts, amateur baristas, and specialty coffee shops worldwide have embraced the AeroPress.