For cafés, restaurants and other food service businesses, finding a reliable wholesale coffee supplier is key to keeping operations running smoothly. But the wholesale coffee sector encompasses so much more than just buying bulk coffee.

We give you an overview of everything wholesale coffee companies offer, from sourcing and roasting to pricing and equipment.

What Are Wholesale Coffee Companies?

At their core, specialty wholesale coffee companies source high-quality coffee beans to supply businesses like yours. Many cultivate direct relationships with growers to hand-select beans from single farms or small producer groups.

This commitment to sustainable, ethical sourcing benefits growers and helps ensure steady, fresh coffee crops year after year.

In-House Roasting Expertise

Some UK wholesale coffee companies handle roasting in-house while others partner with trusted commercial roasters. This involves fine-tuning roast profiles, grinding to specified grades, and packaging them into retail or wholesale formats.

This allows you to serve freshly roasted coffee completely tailored to your business without needing on-site roasting equipment.

What Should You Consider When Partnering With a Wholesale Coffee Company?

Before partnering with a coffee wholesaler, be sure to evaluate some key considerations that set reputable specialty coffee companies apart:

Roast Profiles and Blend Customisation

Reputable speciality coffee wholesalers give you the option to request specific roast levels from light to dark:

  • Light roasts highlight the flavour nuances of the bean's origin, with tasting notes like floral, fruity, or bright.

  • Medium roasts strike a balance between origin character and roast-induced flavours like nutty or chocolate.

  • Dark roasts bring bolder, richer flavours like caramel, spice, or smoke.

Ordering and Delivery

Wholesale coffee suppliers handle critical backend processes like inventory management, ordering, storage and timely delivery to simplify your operations. Many offer online platforms that make reordering stocks and managing your coffee catalogue seamless. This allows you to streamline administrative tasks while reducing waste.

Reliable order fulfilment also ensures you never run out of your chosen blends and single origins.


When comparing wholesale coffee companies, look beyond just coffee pricing to consider the full spectrum of their sourcing practices, roast quality and services offered. What are their commitments to sustainability and ethics? Do they invest in understanding your business goals?

While many high-quality speciality wholesalers offer competitively priced beans and blends, be wary of very low coffee pricing. This might be a sign of substandard or unreliable supply practices.

Commitment to Quality Control

Reputable UK coffee wholesalers provide stringent quality assurance and control at every supply chain step - during sourcing, roasting, packaging, storage and delivery. This ensures consistent flavour and freshness.

What Additional Services Can Wholesale Coffee Companies Offer?

Beyond reliable coffee bean supply, make sure to evaluate wholesalers based on their ability to streamline your supply chain and connect you with the vibrant specialty coffee community:

Equipment and Supply Chain Partnerships

Wholesalers can also provide commercial espresso machines and other café equipment for lease or purchase. Opting for combined equipment and coffee supply packages can help keep your upfront overheads low and streamline the equipment’s maintenance.

Plus, you can get other complementary café supplies like cups, lids, filters and packaging alongside your coffee order. This reduces hassle while ensuring you have all the essentials to run your business smoothly.

Coffee Industry Insight and Networking

Quality wholesale coffee suppliers provide more than just beans - they open doors to the wider speciality coffee community. Many sponsor events, host cuppings and courses and facilitate introductions that help you gain coffee knowledge and valuable industry connections.

This insider access helps you keep up with the latest innovations and forge partnerships that make your business thrive. It also exposes you to new wholesale coffee offerings and services as your needs evolve.

Partnering With Rave Coffee For Your Wholesale Needs

Choosing the ideal UK wholesale coffee partner requires looking beyond comparing bean and equipment costs to consider overall value and speciality coffee expertise, including their approach to sustainability and quality control.

At Rave Coffee, we have your back (and caffeine fix) covered by combining quality and sustainability. As proud supporters of 1% for the Planet, our commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident in compostable Nespresso coffee pods and portion-controlled bags.

Whether you run a café, hotel or office, experience the simplicity of online ordering and fresh dispatch the next working day, making Rave Coffee your ideal partner for buying coffee beans online !


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