The holidays are an ideal time to treat the coffee lover in your life to a special gift. And what better way to brew up some festive cheer than with edible delights and useful coffee accessories?

From sweet treats to indulgent subscriptions and gift cards that will keep them caffeinated all season long, we've rounded up some tasty food pairings and gift ideas to make your Christmas coffee gift extra special.

Coffee Gift Cards

Coffee gift cards pack a double punch. On the one hand, it’s a controlled gift if you’re on a budget because you can add your ideal amount on it. But more importantly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, because the recipient can choose their own coffee and coffee-related items.

Gift cards also pair perfectly with any coffee present, allowing your loved one to buy accessories, syrups or tasty treats to enjoy alongside.

Coffee Subscriptions

A speciality coffee subscription box delivers freshly roasted bean varieties and blends straight to the recipient's door each month. This allows budding connoisseurs to discover new roasts and expand their coffee horizons.

Rave’s Coffee Subscription

Rave’s coffee subscription is more than just a monthly dose of exceptional coffee - it's an apprenticeship in the world of coffee, offering exclusive new coffees every month. Not only will the recipient receive freshly roasted coffee, but they will also gain coffee knowledge through monthly tuition pieces covering topics such as growing, roasting, brewing and tasting coffee.

Coffee Syrups

Coffee syrups are a present any coffee enthusiast will appreciate. Whether they prefer classic flavours like vanilla and caramel, or like exploring more adventurous options like gingerbread, these syrups offer a world of possibilities to transform their daily coffee routine into a delightful experience.

Coffee Accessories

For coffee aficionados, practical coffee accessories are thoughtful gifts that enhance their daily rituals. Consider:

  • Going green - Equip your loved one with reusable coffee filters - an eco-conscious choice that promotes sustainability while preserving the rich flavours of their favourite beans. Alternatively, embrace the convenience of a reusable glass cup , allowing them to savour their coffee on the go while reducing waste.

  • Adding some weight - A precise coffee scale is an invaluable tool for the meticulous coffee connoisseur, ensuring the perfect coffee-to-water ratio for every cup.

  • Getting the scoop - With a coffee scoop , your recipient can eliminate the guesswork and focus on savouring the unique characteristics of each coffee bean.

Food Pairings

Coffee extends beyond the realm of beverages, pairing with various foods that enhance its flavour profile.


For those who prefer a bolder coffee like black coffee or espresso, nuts like almonds, pecans and hazelnuts offer a delightful complement. Their crunchy texture and rich nutty flavour balance the coffee's intensity.

Gift some roasted mixed nuts alongside a bag of specialty coffee beans or a sleek French Press .

Sweet Treats

Cookies and other sweet treats hold a special place during the holiday season, making them an ideal pairing for a Christmas coffee gift set. Indulge their sweet tooth by including a recipe card for coffee-infused cookies or other baked goods that perfectly complement their new AeroPress or pour-over setup.

Savoury snacks

For those who appreciate savoury snacks, consider pairing darker roasted coffee with distinguished cheeses, charcuterie meats and crackers. The complementary nutty, buttery or smoky notes of these savoury delights add a new dimension to the coffee experience.

Make Them Rave About the Perfect Christmas Coffee Gift

This holiday season, make your coffee gift extra special with gift cards, subscriptions, flavoured syrups, accessories and festive food pairings.

At Rave Coffee, our connoisseur brew kits and subscription boxes allow coffee lovers to discover new blends and flavours each month. Explore our wide range of gifting options this Christmas and find something special for the coffee enthusiast in your life today!