For RAVE part of having good Ethics has always been to develop relationships with our partner producers year after year. Looking to buy coffee beans online? We've got your back!

First, we have to find producers we think would be a good fit for RAVE and outlined below is a few of the criteria of what that looks like to us:

  • It had to be an origin where we purchase enough coffee to make a difference
  • The producer/producer groups have the terroir, varietals and environmental factors necessary for great coffee
  • The producers are open to suggestions for improving their quality and therefore access to the 'speciality coffee market'

The Origin
We found all of this in Colombia. An origin that has always been loved by you and us alike. There are so many diverse flavour profiles, whether it be peachy complex tasting coffees from Nariño or the red fruits and vanilla of Huila and the southern departments. 

No wonder it happens to be our best selling single origin and a component in many of our blends. With this in mind we partnered up with Raw Materials and their Red Association project in Pitalito, Huila in 2017 (see our sustainability page)!

The Trip

We wanted to visit our producer partners at El Carmen Association and discuss how we might further assist them, discuss any concerns and further clarify our intentions.  We also wanted to discover more about the supply chain on the ground so we can better understand and communicate end to end traceability of the coffee.

We may even be able to secure some of their smaller micro lots and sniff out some extra special lots for competitions and special offers.... watch this space folks we have some very special treats coming your way!

*Did you know Colombia is one of the few countries that due to it's proximity to the Equator actually has two crops, or harvests.
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