Whether gifting your loved one signature coffee selections or brewing a cafetiere to share over a heart-to-heart conversation, our coffee blends set the tone for connection this Valentine’s day.

Read on for our favourite aromatic, flavourful coffee roasts that make perfect gifts and pairings for couples.

Medium vs Dark Coffee Roasts

Choosing the right coffee blend for Valentine’s Day starts with the roast:

  • Medium roast - Brown with hints of gold, a medium roast balances acidity and sweetness, giving off fruity, floral or nutty flavours.

  • Dark roast - Appearing deep, almost black-brown, with a shiny surface due to released oils, a dark roast is less acidic but more bitter than a medium roast. This gives it smoky, chocolatey and caramelised flavours.

Medium roasts might be your match if you enjoy bright, crisp flavours with a touch of sweetness. But dark roasts will likely win you over if you crave a bold, intense experience with hints of smoke and chocolate.

Chocolate Coffee Blends

Chocolate coffee blends are obviously a must. Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, after all! Blending these flavours creates an indulgent dessert-like brew that softens coffee's acidity for a smoother, richer taste.

Milk Chocolate

A milk chocolate blend features sweet, creamy beans, often with a touch of vanilla or caramel. Expect subtle notes of toffee, hazelnut and a delicate hint of cocoa that lingers on the palate - perfect for couples who crave a dessert-like coffee experience.

Try our Half Calf Blend No.13 for bags of flavour and character while turning the dial down on caffeine - just right for a midday boost with its milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel notes.

Dark Chocolate

Deep, roasted beans offer a wonderful mix of dark fruit notes, earthy spices and a pronounced cocoa presence. The coffee's acidity cuts through the chocolate's richness, creating a complex and intense experience. It is best enjoyed black to appreciate its depth fully, but you can add a touch of milk if you or your significant other prefer a milder finish.

Our popular Espresso Blend No.4 offers a balanced cup with dark chocolate, spices and toffee - the perfect way to end a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day.

Mocha Java

The fruity notes of Ethiopian or Kenyan beans counterpoint the rich, chocolaty depth of cocoa nib flavours. The result is a lively, invigorating blend that's perfect black or with a splash of milk to balance the sweetness.

Start your Valentine’s Day by brewing your partner a cup of our Mocha Java Blend No.3 . This full-bodied brew will set you up for the day with hazelnut, baking chocolate and pleasant earthy tones.

Bonus tip: Not sure which chocolate coffee blend to go for? Our coffee blend gift set offers a bit of everything!

Other Sweet Coffee Blends

While classic chocolate blends reign supreme for Valentine's Day, we also offer sweet brews bursting with flavours like fudge and caramel.


A fudge blend is a luxurious treat made with beans known for their deep, cocoa-like notes. But the magic lies in the subtle additions - a touch of hazelnut, pecan or vanilla, and a hint of brown sugar that caramelises into pure fudge bliss. For the best fudgy taste, make a flat white or cappuccino with our Fudge Blend No.5 .


In a caramel blend, Brazilian beans provide a smooth base, while a touch of caramel adds extra sweetness. Our Signature Blend No.1 is a firm favourite with caramel, almond and chocolate notes - ideal for a lighthearted afternoon date or cosying up by the fireplace.

Enhancing Your Coffee Blends on Valentine’s Day

If you or your loved one already have a favourite coffee blend, you can easily make it special for Valentine’s Day by:

Make Rave Coffee Your Valentine

Rave Coffee has everything you need to make this Valentine's Day one to remember. From our vast selection of coffee blends to our ideas for flavoured add-ins, we aim to kindle the flame and evoke the spirit of romance!


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