Cafetière or French press is an immersion style of brewing which means the coffee grounds and water steep together to extract the flavour, before being poured through a metal mesh filter. The result is usually a stronger tasting brew with a bold mouthfeel. 

- Great when entertaining. Simple to brew and you can make a larger quantity.
- Precision is helpful but not necessary.
- A cafetière has multiple uses. Use it to make cold brew coffee, or even froth milk! 
    - Sediment in the cup - due to lack of filtration.
    - Can be messy to clean up and get rid of the sludgy coffee grounds.
    - Longer brew time than other brew methods

    TIP: Once you’ve brewed a cafetière it’s important you decant your coffee so that it doesn't continue brewing - you'll end up with bitter flavours as it over-extracts the ground on your second. 


    Cafetière Sizes

    3 Cup | 6 Cup | 12 Cup - but what does this mean?  It can be quite misleading as cup measurements vary across the globe, so a better way of understanding is in millilitres, especially as we encourage you to weigh your coffee and water.


    Use this as a starting point and then you can choose to increase or decrease your dose.

    Make a note of what you enjoy!

    To plunge or not to plunge? 

    If you follow our 9-minute brew guide during the last 5 minutes the coffee grounds will sink to the bottom of the cafetière. By plunging you will re-agitate these grounds meaning many will make their way into your cup.  So next time try taking the mesh filter just up to the water level and carefully pour - the result will be a cleaner cup with less sediment.


    Perfect for the Cafetière...        

    Super Smooth 
    Mexico Paraje Los Machos Nº 124  Chocolate & nut notes, super smooth - one cup won’t be enough!
    Fruity & Interesting 
    Rwanda Bumbogo Nº137 - Deep fruit flavour with lots of natural sweetness. Best-drunk black


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