It’s a truth universally acknowledged that bookworms love nothing more than cosying up with a good read and a steaming cup of coffee. That’s why coffee gifts for book lovers are a no-brainer.

Whether they're into classic literature or mysteries, we've got the perfect coffee book pairings to delight every bibliophile.

Dark Roasts and Leather-Bound Editions

If they love the literary greats, treat them to a luxurious dark roast that mirrors the depth and richness of their beloved classics. A smooth, full-bodied blend like our Signature Blend pairs beautifully with the works of authors like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde.

Elevate this literary-themed coffee gift by including a leather-bound edition of their favourite novel or a collection of short stories. A leather cover’s elegant, old-world charm perfectly complements a dark roast's bold, sophisticated flavours, creating a truly indulgent reading experience.

Top tip: If you’re unsure which dark roast to go for, make it easy and take a dark roast bundle .

Smooth Medium Roasts and Suspenseful Paperbacks

Mystery lovers thrive on suspense and intrigue, so why not gift them a coffee that keeps them guessing? Like our Costa Rica Rio Jorco Lobos blend, a well-balanced medium roast offers a delightfully complex flavour profile with notes of praline, honey blossom and milk chocolate.

Pair this smooth, versatile brew with a gripping mystery novel or a collection of short whodunits. The dynamic coffee flavours will mirror the twists and turns of the plot, keeping your recipient hooked until the very last sip (and page).

Light Roasts and Whimsical Hardcovers

For those who love to escape into worlds of magic and adventure, vibrant light roasts are the perfect genre-specific coffee gifts. Our Rwanda Rugali Anoxic Washed blend, with its bright, fruity notes of cranberry and nectarine (finished off with some fragrant florals), will transport their taste buds to realms as fantastical as the stories they love.

Pair this brew with a beautifully illustrated hardcover edition of their favourite fantasy series or a collection of short stories from the genre.

Smooth, Velvety Blends and Poetic Anthologies

Romantics will swoon over a velvety, indulgent coffee blend that's as smooth and seductive as their favourite love stories. Our popular Espresso Blend , with its dark chocolate, toffee and spice flavours, is sure to make hearts flutter.

Complement it with an anthology of romantic poetry or a collection of classic love stories. The rich, luxurious flavours of the coffee will perfectly mirror the passionate, emotive writing.

Top tip: Take the romance up a notch by adding drinking chocolate flakes to your gift.

Book Club Coffee Selections

For the avid reader who loves to explore all genres, consider a coffee subscription or a taster pack that celebrates the diversity of coffee flavours. Our Coffee Club subscription delivers a new, freshly roasted coffee to their doorstep each month, allowing them to sample a range of origins, roast levels and tasting notes.

Alternatively, a gift set featuring a selection of our best selling coffee blends – from bright, fruity, light roasts to rich, smoky dark roasts – will ensure they always have the perfect brew to pair with their current book club material.

Raving About Coffee Gifts For Book Lovers

Whether your loved one is a devoted fan of a particular literary genre or a well-rounded reader who appreciates a wide range of stories, the perfect coffee gift can elevate their reading experience to new heights.

Rave’s Selection of Coffee Gifts

At Rave Coffee, we offer a delightful selection of coffee gifts and subscriptions that are sure to charm any bookworm. From our luxurious coffee gift sets to our freshly roasted coffee beans and brewing accessories, we have everything you need to create the ultimate literary-inspired coffee gift.

Browse our collection today and treat the book lover in your life to an exceptional coffee experience.